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Geometry Worksheets

Depending on your grade level and age; geometry means something completely different. In kindergarten kids love it because it's all about bringing meaning to shapes and things around them. In high school it can be the bain of a teenagers existence. I have always thought geometry is very logical; you just need to put some time into understanding. You will find all grade levels covered here including primary, elementary, middle school, and high school.

Elementary Through Middle School Level


High School Level Worksheets

What is Geometry?

Smile Parallel Lines

Geometry is one of the oldest fields of science and can be traced back to ancient Greek. Geometry was used to better understand the world we live in, and the practice continues as of today. Geometry is a Greek word. In Greek, 'geo' stands for 'earth' and 'metric' stands for 'measure'. So, it can be seen as the study of measuring the Earth or in other words, the world around us.

Geometry is the branch of mathematics that educates us about the sizes, shapes, configurations, and manipulation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Geometry studies the all-round aspects of shapes such as how much space a shape can hold, how it is positioned, and how it can be measured to better understand the surroundings.

Geometry is not subject limited to the classrooms or textbooks; it is used and observed by all of us daily by each of us. Your brain is constantly making geometric calculations as you get off your bed in the morning or try to parallel park a car. You can observe geometry in the architecture of the tall skyscrapers around you or in the structuring of a robot. Geometry is a cornerstone of art, architecture, engineering, astronomy, and other major fields of sciences.

The basic concepts of geometry include shapes and solids, lines and line segments, the circumference of a circle, and angle and triangles. Advanced concepts of geometry involve radians, trigonometry, conic sections, and coordinate grids.

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