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Size Comparison Worksheets

Children compare things by size all the time, they just do not realize it. Students often have a tough time starting to do direct comparisons to things that abstract or that they cannot touch or feel. There are many different things we can do to help them overcome this hurdle. It begins with our use of vocabulary words and exposing them to this type of language. It begins with engaging them with the basic direct comparison and having them label something as “big” when in the presence of something “small”. You can achieve this most often by giving them physical manipulatives that they can touch. We suggest you transition to the use of visuals, like these worksheets, after giving them plenty of time with hands-on work. These worksheets and lessons introduce students to concept of being smaller in height and length measures.

Aligned Standard: K.MD.A.2

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Practice Worksheets

At this level, we compare 2 objects. This will lead to compare and contrast skill development.

Activities For Reinforcing Size Comparisons

Small Baby on Large Ball

This is a good math starter skill for preschool. Most students will have a good handle on the basic concept of comparing size when they are presented in a direct comparison. For example, having them label one object as big and the other as small. As you can see to the right, the image of the baby on the ball. Students clearly see the ball is larger than the baby. Where the confusion kicks in is when you do not give them drawings made to scale. For example, if put a picture of building and a school bus in two separate images, they will immediately measure the images you have provided and there just may be a chance that they image of the building is smaller. We need to remember that students are very concrete at this age, and we need make sure that your images reflect this nature by scaling the images ever so slightly.

When you are performing a size comparison activity with your students always have a picture book or visual chart reference for them available. There are an infinite number of activities that you can do to reinforce this concept. A few of my favorite activities include bag of stuff sort. Give students a bag of stuff and have them sort everything into either a “big” or “small” circle. You can also have them cut out 10 or more pictures out the newspaper or magazines and do the same thing.

Once they can make an accurate size comparison between two objects it is time to have them order things from large to small or vice versa. This is an important skill because it will eventually flow into helping them order values from least to greatest and vice versa.

Tips to Teach Youngsters the Concept of Smaller

Mathematics is all about definitions and how clearly children can grasp them. All of these definitions require attention and clever examples that can help children get a good idea of what they are studying. One very simple concept that children are confused with is the concept of "small." Of the two generalizations about a size comparison, this is the one students will have more difficulty with. But this can be simplified with a few good examples.

The first example that can be used is the example of an elephant. Children are usually interested when you talk about animals with them. You can use elephants with another animal for comparison such as a cat. To tell them the difference between the animals, we say that the cat is smaller than the elephant.

You can also ask them to take their older siblings as an example. To say that your sibling has a taller height than yours, you say, " I am smaller than my sister/ brother."

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