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Which is Smaller?

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Precursor to Kindergarten - K.MD.A.2

Tips to Teach Youngsters the Concept of Smaller - Mathematics is all about definitions and how clearly children can grasp them. All of these definitions require attention and clever examples that can help children get a good idea of what they are studying. One very simple concept that children are confused with is the concept of "small." But this can be simplified with a few good examples. The first example that can be used is the example of an elephant. Children are usually interested when you talk about animals with them. You can use elephants with another animal for comparison such as a cat. To tell them the difference between the animals, we say that the cat is smaller than the elephant. You can also ask them to take their older siblings as an example. To say that your sibling has a taller height than yours, you say, " I am smaller than my sister/ brother." These worksheets and lessons introduce students to concept of being smaller in height and length measures.

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At this level, we compare 2 objects. This will lead to compare and contrast skill development.