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Partitioning Shapes Worksheets

To understand the fractions, kids need to have a clear understanding of the shapes and how to partition them. This means breaking them into many parts. At this grade level we consider all of the new shapes that are created to be equal in size. The initial fraction lessons begin with partitioning shapes, which lays the foundation for the concept. It is best to start learning fractions with the most basic of shapes such as circles and rectangles. These worksheets help students learn to break circles and rectangles into equal and unequal sub-shapes. This is a good section to learn after you understand your basic geometric shapes and are comfortable with them.

Aligned Standard: Grade 1 Geometry - 1.G.3

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Guided Lessons

We split all types of things into halves and quarters here.

Practice Worksheets

These lead us directly to symmetry which is a key skill at all levels of geometry.

What is Partitioning a Shape?

Partitioning means separating something into different sections. Partitioning can be done in two ways, which include equal and unequal parts. In equal partition, each of the partitioned sections is identical to the other partitioned sections. When you place these partitioned sections on each other, they will exactly lay down and match the sections below them. In most math problems, especially fractions, shapes will be considered to be portioned equally unless a direction tells you otherwise. When you partition a circle and a square in two halves, each partitioned half can be written as1/2. When you equally partition a circle in 4 parts, each section can be written as 1/4.

An unequal partition is where each partitioned section is of a different size; these sections, when placed on top of each other, will not match the sections below them. When the partitioned sections combine, they form a shape.

While we may just think of these as basic geometry problems, they have a great deal of application in the real world. Most basic construction projects are centered on this concept. Consider your home or apartment it is just a set area portioned into several different rooms. How big those partitions are, determines how large an area each room becomes. As we advance further with our math skills understanding this concept will be important for working with base ten numbers and fractions. They are especially helpful for operations between fractions and whole numbers.

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