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More or Less Worksheets

This is one of those foundational skills that children must learn to move on to higher levels of math. Many students will come into preschool being fully aware of the difference between words used to express a quantity or amount. Students that have never had to ponder this comparison usually pick it up quickly when you use objects to compare things. My advice is to always start by comparing the same type of objects that differ by a single variable like color or shape. That will help you set them in the right direction much quicker. These worksheets and lessons help students learn how compare the number of objects in a single set.

Aligned Standard: K.MD.A.2

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Lesson Sheets

I give in depth explanations and walk you through this skill, step by step.

  • Lesson 1 - We count the objects in both groups. There are 4 objects in first group and 8 objects in second group.
  • Lesson 2 - Count the objects in all groups. There are 6 objects in the first group, 3 objects in the second group, and 2 objects in the third group. The first group has the most.

Practice Worksheets

These not only include pictures, but we also start to work numbers into the mix.

  • Practice 1 - Draw a box around the group that has the fewest number of objects.
  • Practice 2 - Circle the set of animals that has the least in its group.
  • Practice 3 - In each problem, draw a box around the group with the fewest objects.
  • Practice 4 - Write the number that is ten more than the number given.
  • Practice 5 - Draw box around the group with more objects.
  • Practice 6 - Circle the group that has more objects.

How to Teach Children the Difference Between More and Less

Sun Says Drink More Water

They say this is the age a kid can start to learn a ton of different concepts quickly. More or less is a foundational comparison notion it holds a high level of importance in mathematics. It is something that your child needs to have a firm grasp on to be successful in future years. This is a concept that is taught in preschool and kindergarten. The chances are that your kid might have learned the concept but doesn't really have a handle on it yet.

There are many different approaches to teaching this concept to students. I have seen students have the highest level of success when using manipulatives. I highly suggest giving students objects that they can touch and feel. I would suggest slightly larger objects like blocks or metal cars. Once you have your supplies in place, we are ready to go. So, let's make it easy for kids and tell them how they can differentiate between more and less.

Step 1) Place a few objects in two sets of groups. I would suggest using the same object, but with one definable different feature. A good example would be to use two different colored blocks.

Step 2) Ask students to count the objects by using counting strategies you have used in class with them.

Step 3) Allow them to compare both the groups; this way, they will be able to describe the strategy they used to determine which is more and which one is less. For example; take two goldfishes and place them in a fishbowl. Make sure to add a few more in one bowl as compared to the other one. Ask the students to count fishes in both the bowls. Now, it's time to get the answers from the students. You will most probably hear the right answer. If you do not, here are some great tips to review this with students:

-Always use hands-on objects. Once they master this then it is time to move to numbers.

Review it quickly everyday with a quick flashcard activity. The flashcards would display the same objects in circles, and you would have students chorally tell you the answer.

Using worksheets regularly is a great way to slam this concept home for students.

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