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Color Patterns Worksheets

Math holds a great deal of value in the world of art. This is because the concept of symmetry is an application of math. When it comes to maintaining balance in any piece math is at the forefront. When we see patterns that use color, we can break them down mathematically by simply assigning a number for each of the individual colors and seeing what shifts or changes across the sequence. This helps us identify changes and similarities. This selection of lessons and worksheets helps students learn to find how math can be used to breakdown sequences and patterns that built around color changes.

Aligned Standard: K.G.B.4

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Lesson Sheets

We do a lot of 1-2-1-2 patterns to give students some confidence. We advance beyond this in the worksheets.

  • Lesson 1 - Look at the color sequence and try to figure out the color pattern they are follow.
  • Lesson 2 - Here, every color repeats after every other color. The pattern they are follow is: 1 - 2 - 1- 2 - 1 - 2...
  • Lesson 3 - Color in the rest of the boxes to follow the pattern.

Practice Worksheets

These are more challenging, with larger numbers and more complicated patterns.

Tips for Spotting Simple Patterns

Pattern of Colors

Spotting any pattern is at the heart of mathematics. It is the core concept to develop an understanding of the students. While there are many patterns that may lead you astray and make you confuse what it is all about, the ability to recognize or identify a particular pattern that extends is extremely important.

It is often simple to identify a single change in a sequence or series. That one change may lead to discovering much more than you could have ever dreamed. If you feel like you are having difficulty in finding a mathematical pattern, here we share with you a few tips to spot the pattern quickly and effectively.

Look for the following patterns when trying to identify a pattern. A change in the color of the shapes, pictures and objects. If you see a consistent change in the series occurring in events, you have identified the pattern. Follow it to get the final result. Rotation in the series. In a number series, if you find two or more numbers repeating or occurring at the same rate as rotation, know that there is a pattern in there. Change in shape. A change in the shape of the objects is also a hint saying that the series has a pattern. The same goes for the change in size. The changes in the size of an object also refer to a pattern.

When it comes to color patterns, we would encourage you to assign a number, letter, or symbol of some kind to each of the colors in that series. I prefer to use numbers, but that does not mean you should. Look for things that repeat, look for things that that grow or shrink. If something repeats, it is often a very simple pattern. If something grows or shrinks it means that a basic operation like addition or subtraction is at work. Step back and see if you can make sense of it all.

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