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One to One Relationships

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Kindergarten - Geometry

What are One to One Relationships? Each function works in a different manner and may have different graphical representations. One of the different types of functions is the function with a one-to-one relationship. Just like its namesake, one-to-one relationships in functions mean that they are dependent on each other completely. In other words, if we consider an example y=x+1, then y will change with the value of x. Therefore, for every value of x, the value of y will change. One-to-one functions build a straight line on the graph, while the highest power in the function is 1. In other words, one-to-one functions are linear in nature. These worksheets and lessons help students learn how draw and identify 1 to 1 relationships.

Printable Worksheets and Lessons

Lesson Sheets

A simple reminder lesson. It can be very helpful homework.

  • Lesson 1 - The rabbit is feeling very hungry. He sees a carrot. Draw a straight line from the rabbit to the carrot.

Practice Worksheets

I tried to create a story for students in the first 3 worksheets. The last 3 are based only on the task at hand.

  • Practice 1 - The cow is feeling very hungry. He sees some grass. Draw a straight line from the cow to the grass.
  • Practice 2 - This boy is feeling very bored. He sees a ball and wants to play with it. Draw a straight line from the boy to the ball.
  • Practice 3 - Draw a line between the things that go together.
  • Practice 4 - Which two belong together?
  • Practice 5 - Stop and think here for a moment.
  • Practice 6 - I still think the puppy would go after the mouse first.