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Things That Go Together Worksheets

This seems like an almost obvious topic and many teachers often discredit this and skip it in their student Preschool experience. We are big proponents of making sure that your students explore and eventually master the concept of identify things that go together. This leads them to understand the concept of equality first visually and then they translate it to working with numbers. Students eventually begin to see values as moveable and associated. We find that students that do not spend any time on units like these have more problems when it comes to working with basic operations. This is also the start of their ability to sort and classify objects and eventually numeric values. These worksheets and lessons help students learn how draw and identify what things go together.

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Lesson Sheets

A simple reminder lesson. It can be very helpful homework.

  • Lesson 1 - The rabbit is feeling very hungry. He sees a carrot. Draw a straight line from the rabbit to the carrot.

Practice Worksheets

I tried to create a story for students in the first 3 worksheets. The last 3 are based only on the task at hand.

  • Practice 1 - The cow is feeling very hungry. He sees some grass. Draw a straight line from the cow to the grass.
  • Practice 2 - This boy is feeling very bored. He sees a ball and wants to play with it. Draw a straight line from the boy to the ball.
  • Practice 3 - Draw a line between the things that go together.
  • Practice 4 - Which two belong together?
  • Practice 5 - Stop and think here for a moment.
  • Practice 6 - I still think the puppy would go after the mouse first.

What are One to One Relationships?

Hoop, Football, Basketball

When we are trying to determine what two things go together, we are attempting to establish or identify a one to one relationship. We will do this often in math from the very basic level to complex algebra. This is simply a common method used to state that a relationship exists where one thing can only belong with another. We see these types of relationships in our everyday life often. They display a sense of truth that exists between two items and only those two items. For example, look at the image of the hoop, football, and basketball. If you have ever played the game of basketball, you will know that it consists of a basketball court and a hoop. So, the one to one relationship in this instance is between the hoop and the basketball.

As you travel around the community, where you call home, you may have a sense of a one to one relationship for the community members (people) such as who belongs to which home. This can also be for pets like cats and dogs and automobiles. We will often say things like, “That white dog is the Anderson’s.” This indicates several relationships, the dog to the family and you can also spot out the place where that dog belongs. Taking this a step further you will come across objects and things that may have many different related choices such a kitchen sink. If some one comes over to your home and eats lunch and then helps with cleaning up the dishes and eating utensils, they may ask, “Where do the bowls and spoons go for clean up?” Your answer of the sink would be the same for both items. This is a one to many relationship. That is where one object has a relationship with several others.

Hoop and Basketball Connected

You are probably asking yourself how this all relates to math. In math this concept is directly related to number sense and the concept of equality. As we go further with math we will begin to work with equations, and we may have the same constant on both sides of the equal symbol. The concept we are learning now is our first step towards realizing that both those constants represent the same exact thing. If we are talking about two variables such as the symbol (x), we will quickly begin to realize that (x + x) is the same thing as (2x). This is the first baby step towards understanding that concept. Another advanced concept that this directly relates to is spreadsheets and databases. This helps you learn to identify that a cell in one column may be the same as another cell in another row or column. Who would have thought that we are learning algebra and using spreadsheets in Preschool? We do learn all the basic fundamentals that eventually help us master both those topics at this level.

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