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Understanding Visual Fractions of Shapes

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 3 Geometry - 3.G.2

What Are Visual Fractions of Shapes? Every grade 1 or grade 2 teacher has at least once asked the students to visualize their math problems, especially when it comes down to fractions. Fractions are easy to visualize and can be used in everyday life work and activities. So, what are visual fractions? Take a moment and think, how will you learn better? If someone told you what to do or showed you how to do it? We know the majority of you prefer the latter option. We learn fast when we see things; it helps us remember that action for a longer time. Information becomes easier to comprehend through visual aid. To understand visual fractions, you need to be able to imagine things while you are reading the math problem. For example, John at 1/4th of the pizza, how much of the pizza is left? Denominator 4 is the total number of divisions, and the numerator is how much data was provided. Visually we can represent 1/4th as: The above figure clearly represents that the red part is the one that was eaten by John, and the white area is the one which has been left, which in mathematical terms is 3/4th. These worksheets help students learn to make observations about fractional shapes.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

I thought up a few new ways to display these models for students.

  • Homework 1- Which model displays thefraction 4/6?
  • Homework 2- What fraction of the circles are green?
  • Homework 3- What fraction of the hearts are violet ?

Practice Worksheets

Students sometimes will struggle with the second problem on each sheet.

  • Practice 1- What fraction of the pentagons are blue?
  • Practice 2- Which model displays the fraction 2/6 ?
  • Practice 3- What fraction of the stars are yellow?

Math Skill Quizzes

Considering the difficult peak on the practice sheets, these seem easy.

  • Quiz 1- Which model displays the fraction 1/3 ?
  • Quiz 2- What fraction of the cans are orange?
  • Quiz 3- Which model displays the fraction 4/8 ?