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Preschool Pattern Worksheets

A pattern is a logical and predictable arrangement of things. Those things can be objects, sounds, people, or just about anything. Learning how to become comfortable with predicting what comes next allows students to heighten their mathematical reasoning skills. It also helps students learn to make connections between math and the physical world. We find that students that have strong pattern logic and analysis skills also are very strong with geometry. This section will also help students yo develop much sharper observation skills. These worksheets and lessons introduce students to the concept of pattern with both numbers and visuals.

Aligned Standard: K.G.B.4

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Lesson Sheets

We compare one shape to two sets of shapes. This is the first step to building sorting skills.

  • Lesson 1 - Out of the groups of objects, the 'boxes' have the same shape.

Practice Worksheets

I had fun with this one! Match the geometric shapes to their real life counterparts.

  • Practice 1 - Can you match the shape to the object with the same shape?
  • Practice 2 - We match objects that are not the same, but are similar.
  • Practice 3 - Match the shape to the object with the same shape.
  • Practice 4 - We look at two and three dimensional shapes and the everyday objects they relate to.
  • Practice 5 - This is more shape and group focused.
  • Practice 6 - The triangle slice of pizza. You will match every day object to the shapes that they hold.

Teaching Preschoolers the Concept of a Pattern

Shape Patterns

From repeating patterns of nature to interesting patterns found in our clothing, we are all surrounded by patterns. Patterning is also considered as the fundamental mathematical skill, which is the foundation of several mathematical concepts. Addition, subtraction, skip counting, and times tables all need an understanding of patterning in order to fully understand how to use those forms of math. Children are taught patterning at a preschool level which then forms the basis of advanced concepts.

Below, we have listed down the fun and hands-on methods you can employ to introduce patterning to your children.

Color Pattern - Young children are proficient observers. There is a chance that before you introduce color patterns to them, they probably have been noticing them a lot. Children love to spot different colors and patterns. You can use different arts and crafts to create different color patterns. Make colorful paper figures or you can use beads to create different color patterns. Encourage your children to utilize Legos and play-doh to make different patterns.

Patterns With Food - Food displays can be helpful in learning and creating patterns. You can ask your young ones to put the sprinkles on the next cake you bake. Or you can ask your youngster to help you decorate the fruit salad. This hands-on learning can help your child to quickly and practically absorb the concept of patterning.

Sound Patterns - You can utilize different musical instruments or play chunks of sound audios to make your child understand patterns through sound. Employ shakers, bells, or pianos to create an all-new rhythm and musical pattern. If you remember the old game Simon, it not only used unique sounds for each color it also used a unique pitch for each sequence it would create. This is also something you can do in a car. We used to play a game called, “The Cow Goes Moo!” If you had 3 or more people in the car, 1 person (the speaker) would name an animal and the sound that they made. The other people would repeat what they said. Once they get one correct echo of the sound, then the speaker would add a second name of an animal and the sound they made. You repeat this until someone messes up.

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