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Holiday Related Math Worksheets

It is always fun to relate just about any subject to a holiday. Kids seem to be more motivated when you do. These sheets are aligned to the Common Core Curriculum within the grade level pages. The answer keys for these are all rolled in with the sheets.


Cinco De Mayo



Father's Day

GroundHog Day




Memorial Day

  • View 40+ Printables Here - This late spring holiday is celebrated in honor of military personnel that have given the ultimate sacrifice during their military service.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • View All The MLK Worksheets Here - A day to remember the life of the minister, master speaker, and activist that was the face of the American civil rights movement.

Mother's Day

New Year's Day

Presidents Day


St. Patrick's Day

Summer Season

Thanksgiving Day

  • Over 35 Worksheets For Turkey Day - This holiday is celebrated in Canada and the United States. It is generally believed to be to commemorate the feast between colonists and Native Americans.

Valentine's Day

  • View all 35 Valentine's Day worksheets here - The holiday that is used to celebrate friendship, romantic love, and admiration. Even though everyone thinks a greeting card company or florist invented the holiday, it dates back to ancient Rome.

Veteran's Day


Why Do We Get Off from School For Some Holidays, But Not Others?

We know for sure that the entire year, the one thing that you look forward to the most are holidays. Even if you don't really know what the holiday is about, you love that you are getting an off day from school. But, let us tell you that holidays are specially set aside to celebrate the fact that something important happened that day. These holidays represent that the happening of some event is important to certain people, the whole country or to a specific religious group of people. Holidays such as Independence Day or Memorial Day is important to the entire country. Hence, such days are officially recognized by the Government, and people are given off from their schools and work. People enjoy their free time by being with their family and friends, or simply relaxing by themselves. Celebrations such as April fools are unofficial. People are not given off from their work and schools. However, these minor holidays are still important to some people. Days like Christmas have a special importance because they are observed as religious holidays. These days are celebrated throughout the country by exchanging gifts and so on. Well, we know that holidays are not just to enjoy, but they also have extremely interesting backstories. So, with so many holidays around the year, you will surely have the time of your life!

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