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Halloween Math Worksheets

What is Halloween? A holiday that is celebrated on the 31st of October every year is known as Halloween. The traditions originated along with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On the day of Samhain, people come out dressed in costumes to ward off ghosts and would light bonfires. Pope Gregory III in the 18th century designated November 1st as a time to honor all saints. Eventually, traditions of the Samhain were incorporated in All Saints Day. The evening before the day was known as All Hallows Eve. With the passing time, it became Halloween. Gradually, Halloween became a day with activities, especially children, where they would travel around to trick or treat. One of the most important traditions that evolved was carving the jack-o-lanterns, dressing up in costumes, and eating treats. Religiously, people light candles on the graves of the dead. This spooky time of year is one of my favorites. We put a great deal of time into creating fun worksheets for this area. Enjoy! You can use it to your advantage to teach a wide array of concepts or reinforce things students already should know.

Themed Skill Sheets Sorted By Skill

  • Hayride Visual Fractions - Everyone is going on a hayride. Look at each bale of hay fraction on the left and draw a line to its equivalent bale of hay fraction on the right.
  • Witches Exponents - The witch is having trouble casting spells and making potions because she has forgotten how to read and write exponents.
  • Trick or Treat Counting Groups - A group of children went trick or treating on Halloween. Count each pile of treats to see how many pieces each child received trick or treating.
  • The Most Halloween Candy - Who has more the most Halloween candy?
  • Time to Trick-or-Treat! - A group of friends have plans to trick-or-treat together for Halloween. Solve the word problems below to help them figure out important times on the big day.
  • Disjunctions [asks for Logic Table] - We are working with disjunction statements. Disjunctions are true when just one of the other statements are true. Disjunctions are only false when both statements are false.
  • Monster Match Addition Equations - Which of the following sets of pictures shows the answer to 3 + 4?
  • Interpreting Pictographs - This chart shows the number of candies each child received.
  • Frightening Patterns - Complete the pattern by placing your answer on the tombstone of the missing number.
  • Eerie Exponents - Solve for each exponent and mark your answer. Frankenstein pays you a visit.
  • Zombie's Mean, Median, Mode, and Range - Find the range of the above set of numbers. In addition to that make sense of the data.

Core Aligned and Leveled Collection


Grade 1

  • Halloween Addition and Subtraction Signs (1.OA.A1 (B.1 & D.1)) - Cut and Paste the correct math sign that makes each of the following equations true.
  • Comparing Numbers (1.NBT.B.3 G.3) - Compare the following numbers by adding a greater than >, less than <, or = symbol in the pumpkins that is between the two numbers.
  • Subtraction Sentences (1.OA.A.1 D.3) - Brandon went trick-or-treating and received 6 candy bars. He felt bad because his little sister was sick and could not go trick-or-treating, so he gave his little sister 2 of his candy bars. How many candy bars does Brandon have now?

Grade 2

  • Even and Odd Math (2.OA.C.3. A.6) - Tell if each set of pictures is even or odd by blacking in your answer.
  • Writing Numbers up to 100 in Words (2.NBT.A.3 C.3) - Write the correct number that is represented by the number words in each candy corn.
  • Making a Pictograph (2. MD.D.10 R7) - Cut out the black cats at the bottom of the page. Use the tally chart to complete the pictograph by pasting the black cats on the pictograph.

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

  • Skully Scientific Notation (8.EE. A. 3. G.1) - Check the correct answer for each problem.
  • Function Tables (8. F. B. 4. V.4) - Select the rule for each of the following function tables.
  • Haunted Histograms (8. SP. A. 4. N.9) - Use the Histogram Chart to answer the questions on the following page.

Fun Halloween Math Activities for Your Classroom

Pumpkin Waving

This holiday can be used as the backdrop to review and even introduce new math skills. Here are some of my favorite activities to do with my students.

Concept #1 - Estimation: This perfect time to do the old jellybean guessing activity. Grab a jar of your favorite candy. Have students in all your classes take a guess as to how many are in the jar. This will quickly help you understand how your students think. The student with the closest guess, goes home with the tasty jar. This is always a favorite. You can use candy corn or even healthy snacks. As with everything that is food related make sure to check for student food allergies and make sure to accommodate everyone.

Another great activity that works well is estimating the number of seeds in a pumpkin. I have even wrapped this with a science unit and helped students understand the function of seeds within the pumpkin and conditions where they may have substantially more or less seeds than normal. Even better yet, you can also have students estimate the difference between the number of seeds in a large and small pumpkin. This may be a bit messy, but well worth it.

Concept #2 - Pattern Logic: This holiday lends itself to allow you to use a great number of fun images. Create a simple series of images that exhibit some form of a pattern such 1-2-1 or 2-1-3 and ask students what comes next. I enjoy having students create their own patterns and try to stump their classmates with how it was arranged.

Concept #3 - Story Problems: Students always cannot wait for their trick or treat night. Use that to your advantage. Give them a series of problems that they will ponder on that night. It can be as simple as you started with 5 pieces of candy and visited 12 houses, much candy would you have. It can also be complex like determine the best area to go candy collecting based on the average distance you will need to travel over the course of an hour.

Concept #4 - Sorting: You can revisit this skill by having students sort types of candy and types of various assorted items. They can create their own categories as well. I have done an activity where students pretend that they are opening a candy store and they need to arrange items in the best location possible within the store and need to break everything up into categories. They create a floor plan for their story. The concept is to place related items near one another.

Concept #5 - Proportions and Fractions: Making food is fun and rewarding for students. It is also very education when you are working with recipes that include fractions. You might make a cake one day and then scale it up or down the next day. It is a great way to teach multiple skills around things your students see every day. You can look around the Internet for recipes for Witch’s Brew. I have tried a number of healthy concoctions with many different classes over the years.

Spider Equations

Concept #6 – Operations and Algebra: Here is an activity that has many a year infested my classroom, in a manner of speaking. All you need is simple template on a piece of paper for students to cut. The template contains a circle with spider eyes and 8 thin rectangles. Students write either a number, an expression, or an equation in the circle. Each of the 8 rectangles then need to have equivalent numbers, expressions, equations, or even word problems written within them. This is a really fun activity. Just beware of all of the dreaded paper strips that will be all over your classroom. You can hand them from your ceiling or even place them in a spider web that students can create.

I love this holiday because you can create many different scenarios that students instantly become engaged in.

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