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President's Day Worksheets

What is President's Day? We all love holidays, don't we? A day off from work or school is something that we all look forward to. Just like how we wait in February for the three-day weekend! We enjoy the holidays, but there is an important history behind it! A government holiday that is celebrated in the United States on the third Monday of February each year is known as President's Day. Let us tell you something very interesting. The real name for President's Day is actually for Washington's Birthday. America's first president, George Washington, was born on February 22nd in 1732. He spent his life serving his country. So when he passed away in 1799, February 22ndbecame an important day to honor his life and work. But the holiday didn't become official till 1879 when President Rutherford B. Hayes signed into law. The day was then announced a federal holiday for celebrating an individual person. We celebrate many federal holidays, such as Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's. So which one is your favorite? This is recognized every year on the third Monday in February. Schools usually have two days of for this holiday. For this holiday we covered a very wide range of skills. You might find that we reached for some of the theme relations, but the math is solid.

Themed Skill Sheets Sorted By Skill

  • American Fewer or More Problems(K.CC.C.6.G.4) - Are there more American Flags or American Bald Eagles?
  • Number Lines(2.MD.B.6.A.4) - Write the missing number in the boxes on the following number lines.
  • Choosing Products(4.OA.B.4 D.13) - Look at the numbers in the box. Choose two numbers that will complete each multiplication sentences.
  • Sale Prices(6.RP.A.3c.G.5) - Little Cupcake Bakery is having a Presidents Day Sale. A dozen cupcakes are 20% off. The original price of the cupcakes is 4.95. What is the sales price?
  • Adding & Subtracting Like Terms(6.EE.A.4.P.16) - Solve the adding and subtracting like terms problems.
  • Distributive Property Practice (8.EE.C.7b.AA 2) - Apply the Distributive Property Rule to the following problem and solve.
  • Permutations and Combinations(HSS-CP.B.9) - How many different combinations of management can there be to fill the positions of president, vice-president and treasurer of a tennis club knowing that there are 16 eligible candidates?
  • Identifying Random and Bias Data Samples(HSS-IC.A.1) - Three out of four doctors interviewed recommend aspirin. Is this a conclusion drawn from a sample or population?

Core Aligned and Grade Leveled Worksheets


Grade 1

Grade 2

  • Multiplication Sentences Practice(2.OA.C.4.W.1) - Use the pictures to help you write multiplication sentences.
  • Counting Change(2.MD.C.8.P.3) - Babbs wants to buy a Presidents Day Button from the school store. The button costs $0.75. Does Babbs have enough money to buy a button?

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Simple Things to Add to Your Class on President's Day

Uncle Sam

Usually President's Day weekend is one that we enjoy the days off from, but we do not often take time to celebrate this difficult position with our students. A few years back a local politician called me out on this in a parent teacher conference. At the time I was a little disturbed about it, but it really opened my eyes as how I was neglecting to spend just a few minutes with my students on a great educational opportunity for them. This is literally one of the hardest jobs in the world. No one is happy with any decision you make, whether it is good or bad. American Presidents are the most beloved and hated person immediately as they take office. I love discussing this with my students. POTUS is not a job for people with thin skin. A couple of things that I have done over the years to bring this to light is to have my students think about this. They can either discuss this, write about, or ever put together a daily calendar. Anything that puts you in the shoes of POTUS for a few minutes with bring about some level of appreciation.

This is a great time to review money skills with your students. It does help that most of the bills include American Presidents. You can also play President or Not a President with all of the coins and bills that there are. I would highly recommend that you use bills that you print from a printer and real coins. Just make sure to verify your inventory of coins before the end of class, others wise they tend to walk away.

With your more advanced students, those that understand the concept of paper money and coins, more on to breaking down campaign finance. Have them answer the question of why they feel that candidates that have more money available to them win more often than not. When they peel back that curtain, I find students get a whole new sense of right and wrong by those who hold this office.

A neat activity is to calculate the number of years that past between the times that two presidents have served. It is interesting to see that generation span 4 to 5 presidents. You can also add a research component and have students learn, on their own, what was happening in the world at the time of each President was in office. This can help them understand their situation a bit more.

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