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Winter Math Worksheets

What is the Winter Season? Ahh, winters! Doesn't just the name make you feel cold already? Let's see what winter actually is and how it begins! One of the four seasons that change around the year, winters are the coldest time of the year. Winters mark their arrival after spring and before autumn. Winter starts after the winter solstice when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky. Since the Earth is divided into two hemispheres, the arrival of winter in both the hemispheres is different. In the Northern hemisphere, the winter starts by December 21 or December 22 while in the Southern hemisphere, the winter usually starts by June 21 or June 22. In various parts of the world, winter brings cold and icy winds. Most parts of the world also experience snowfall. Children make snowmen; people take vacations and enjoy skiing. During this season, many animals also hibernate, while the deciduous trees have no leaves. Heat up your chilly winter classroom with these, sure to be fun, worksheets.

Sheets Sorted By Common Core Skill

  • Spot All The Differences(Precursor to K.MD.A.2) - I find that the best strategy is to break the pictures into a grid and compare them 1 square at a time.
  • Pictures of Snowmen(K.CC.5) - The students built three snow men. Count how many of each piece they needed to build these snowmen.
  • Venn Diagrams(1.MD.C.4.R.1) - Identify the correct Venn diagram for the following. Mark the circle by the correct Venn diagram.
  • Interpret Pictographs(4.NBT.B.5) - Use the following pictographs to answer the questions.
  • Let it Snow! Multiplication Practice(4.NBT.B.5) - The weather outside is frightful. Help the snowmen find the missing number to solve the problems.
  • Classify Quadrilaterals(5.G.B.4.B.7) - Answer the following by classifying the quadrilaterals.
  • Winter Math Puzzle(6.EE.A.3 ) - Solve the math problems to figure out the special winter word.
  • Snowflake Equations(6.EE.A.2a) - Snowflakes are each unique. Equations, however, can often be the same value, but simply written in a unique way. Simplify each expression to its simplest form.
  • Solve 2-step Equations(7.EE.B.4a.V.4) - Solve the following 2-step equations.
  • Translation: Graph the Image(8.G.A.1c.R.2) - Graph the following translations.
  • Inequality Constraint or Condition Word Problems(6.EE.B.8) - Sharon is planning a party. She has $120 to spend. The birthday hall charges a $60 fee for all parties and $5.75 for each person.

Core Aligned and Leveled Collection


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

  • Multiplying by 12(3.OA.C.7.F.13) - Solve for the following multiplication problems.
  • Equivalent Fractions(3.NF.A.3b.S.6 ) - Find the missing numerator or denominator to make equivalent fractions.

Grade 4

  • Winter at Grandmas Word Problems(4.OA.3) - Winter is my Grandma's favorite time of year, and I love to spend time at my Grandma's house in the winter, because she always thinks up fun things for us to do.
  • Mixed Patterns(4.OA.C.5.L.5) - Analyze the following patterns and choose the correct answer to finish the patterns.
  • Estimating Differences(4.NBT.A.3.D.6) - Estimate the differences as instructed.
  • Chilly Comparisons of Decimals(4.NF.C.7.T.10) - Compare the following decimals by marking the correct answer.
  • Shopping with Price Lists(4.MD.A.2.M.6) - Harrison wants to buy a hat and a scarf. How much will these two items cost?

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

  • The Twins New Year's Day(7.EE.B.3) - Lucy and her twin sister Maribel are 9 years old this year, and their Mom and Dad have decided that they are finally old enough to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve and see the fireworks! The girls are so excited.
  • Multiplication and Division Integer Rules(7.NS.A.3.E.6) - Determine the integer rules for the following.
  • Probability of Simple Events(7.SP.C.7a.Z.1) - If you have 8 cards numbered 1-8 and you randomly choose a card. What is the probability that you will choose the card with a 6 on it?

Grade 8

Winter Math Activities for Your Class

Winter Scene

This is one of the toughest seasons to get students in engaged in class activities. The limited sunshine is surely a major culprit but being stuck indoors for the majority of the day is difficult to handle for both students and teachers. There are so many fun things that teachers can do to jazz up their curriculum by adding a seasonal theme to their everyday work. We asked all of the teachers on our staff to share their best project and activity ideas. Here is a collection of things that you may want to give a try:

Geometry - There a wide array of different activities that you can do with geometric shapes. A crowd favorite is the construction of snowflakes. They are composed of a mix of triangles, rhombuses, trapezoids, and hexagons. Take a quick search and find a template for snowflake origami. Make them with your students and then have students label all of the shapes that they can find. I would suggest making 5 different templates and repeating this activity multiple times. For advanced students we suggest building ski slopes and determining the measures of all the sides and angles.

Measurement - A snowman is just 3 spheres that are different sizes stacked on top of one another. I a two-dimensional view you can have students easily measure them and determine the length of the sphere (circle in two-D view). Each circle should increase in diameter as you go towards the top. You can also go back to our snowflake project and measure the sides of the geometric shapes that we have created.

Patterns - This is a great time to give students images that they can cut out and have them arrange the winter themed (snowman, mittens, trees, snowflakes, etc.) into their own pattern. Pass that pattern to a classmate and have them see if they can explain the arrangement in mathematical terms. You can also give students a mathematical pattern (1-2-1-3) and have them replicate this with their images.

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