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Memorial Day Worksheets

Why is there a Memorial Day? We have heard about the Memorial Day, but do you know what we celebrate this day? Let's take a look! In the United States, a national holiday for paying respects to our national heroes is observed every year. Since they gave their life away for our country, the day is known as Memorial Day. Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May each year. Every individual has their own way of paying respects to the martyrs. Memorial Day began as a day to honor the fallen soldiers during the Civil War. The first time, this day was officially observed in 1868 when Decoration Day was observed. In 1967, the name was changed to Memorial Day. Every year, the National Memorial Day concert is held on the lawn in front of the US Capitol. Dressing up in the flag's colors, children wave flags, and a parade in Ironton, Ohio, takes place every year too. The final Monday of May is dedicated to men and women that gave their lives to defend our country. The worksheets below should help to correlate with this holiday.

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