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Valentine's Day Math Worksheets

Every February 14th we celebrate this holiday. It has an origin dating back to the 5th century Romans. The oldest valentine exchange, on record, dates back to early 15th century London, England. This is also around the time that the heart became synonymous with romance. Americans purchase around 150 million cards during a 7-day period centered around this holiday annual. Here is a sweetheart of a section for you; pun intended. This holiday is the one we have the most requests for. We try to add new materials here between December and February. We sorted the worksheets by topic area.

Basic Starter Skills Sheets

  • Above and Below, Left and Right (K.G.A.1) - Look at each of the following Valentine's Day pictures carefully. Then answer each question.
  • Classifying Objects (K.MD.B.3 ) - Valentine's Day items have gotten jumbled together. But you can help by sorting them into two categories. First, cut out all the pictures. Then, label each box with a category and glue the pictures in the correct box.
  • Valentine's Day Shape Match (1.G.A.1) - On Valentine's Day, students will often make a card for someone they care about such as their mother or father. Cards can be any shape or size.
  • My Heart Skips A Beat! (2.NBT.A.2) - Skip count by 2's to find the missing heartbeat numbers.
  • Valentine's Day Shape Symmetry (4.G.A.3) - On Valentine's Day, students will often draw hearts. Hearts are a symmetrical shape (meaning that you can draw a line down the middle and it is the same on both sides). The first one is done for you.
  • Simplified Valentine's Day Buttons (7.EE.A.1) - In classrooms everywhere, Valentine's Day cards are placed in “mailboxes” for the students. Match the cards and their equations (in blue) to the appropriate and equivalent mailboxes (in orange) below.

Full Valentine Worksheet Collection

Expressions & Equations

  • You Are My Heart (6.EE.A.1) - Read each problem below carefully. Then solve to find the two square roots or cube roots.
  • Evaluating Written Expressions (6.EE.A.2 ) - Valentine's Day is the perfect time to express puppy love and affection for your significant other. Look at the problems below carefully and write an expression for each one.
  • Two-Step Algebra Equations (7.EE.B.3 ) - Somebody is sending you secret Valentine's Day cards and gifts. Read each two-step algebra equation carefully.


  • Right on Time! (2.MD.C.7) - The local florist has deliveries to make on Valentine's Day but they have forgotten their scheduled delivery times. Help the florist be right on time by filling in the correct time for each clock.
  • Understanding Calendars (3.MD.A.1) - Which day of the month has nothing scheduled?
  • Graphing Gifts (3.MD.B.3) - Which gift was received the most?
  • Over The Moon (4.MD.A.2) - Boys are girls everywhere are over the moon for their sweethearts, and they are sparing no expense to show how much they care on Valentine's Day. Carefully read each money problem below and then solve to find the answer.
  • Making Change (4.MD.A.2) - Patricia sent Bill 6 heart-shaped balloons on Valentine's Day. If the balloons cost $1.99 each and Patricia paid with a twenty-dollar bill, how much change will she receive back?
  • Cupid's Arrows (4.MD.5) - Cupid's arrows are all jumbled together. Write the correct name, point, ray, line, line segment, or midpoint on the line provided to identify each of Cupid's arrows correctly.
  • Cupid's Measurement Conversion (5.MD.1) - Complete the following volume problems.

Number & Operations in Base Ten

  • Valentine Bear Color by Number (1.NBT.C.4) - Valentine Bear has lost his color and needs your help. Solve the math problems and then color Valentine Bear using the color key.
  • My Hearts Beats Just For You (5.NBT.3) - Read each place value problem carefully. Then write your answer on the line provided.
  • Love Is In the Air (3.NBT.A.2) - Solve each problem. Then draw a line to the balloon containing the correct answer.
  • How Many Chocolates Remain? (4.NBT.6) - Hundreds of girls received heart-shaped boxes of chocolates for Valentine's Day. Each girl has eaten most of their candy but none of them can remember how many chocolates they have left.
  • Average Decimals (5.NBT.A.3) - The day after Valentine's Day, different groups of people were polled about the gifts they received. Read each problem carefully and solve to find the correct decimal.
  • Bee Mine Decimals and Fractions (5.NBT.A.3) - Read each problem below carefully. Then solve the correct answer.

Operations & Algebraic Thinking

  • Hog Wild for Addition and Subtraction (1.OA.A.1) - Jenny and her mother decorated their house with hearts. They hung 5 red hearts, 7 pink hearts, and 4 white hearts. How many hearts did Jenny and her mother hang in all?
  • Adding Objects in Rectangular Arrays (2.OA.C.4) - Write the Valentine's Day addition sentences given below. Each row is an addend.
  • Chocolates Anyone? (2.OA.C.4) - Many people received rectangular boxes of chocolates for Valentine's Day, but none of them knows how many pieces of candy are in his or her box.
  • How Do I Love Thee? (4.OA.1) - Count the ways by reading each multiplication problem below and solving for the answer.
  • Valentine's Day Gift Dilemma (4.OA.3) - There were some problems with Valentine's Day gift orders this year. Read each problem below carefully and then write a simple algebra equation to solve each problem.
  • Valentine's Day in Class (4.OA.3) - Thomas is cutting out hearts to make a long garland that will stretch across the front of their room. He has made the hearts out of pink, red and white construction paper, and has the same number of each color.
  • My Only One Order of Operations (5.OA.1) - Find the final value of the problems below.

Ratios & Proportional Relationships

  • Calculating Interest (7.RP.A.3) - Some bunny loves you so much that they took out a loan to give you the best Valentine's Day ever. Read each problem below carefully.
  • Sweet Percentages (7.RP.A.3) - There are 154 teddy bears in the gift shop display. If 73% of them are brown, how many brown teddy bears are in the gift shop display?
  • Markups and Markdowns (7.RP.A.3) - Before Valentine's Day, some items are marked up because they are in high demand while other items are marked down for quick sale.
  • On the Hook (8.F.A.1) - Solve the basic function tables.

Statistics & Probability

  • Summarizing Numerical Data Sets (6.SP.B.4) - Harper's Jewelry received a shipment of 12 cases of necklaces. Ms. Harper counted the necklaces in each case that were missing a diamond. Use the data set to complete the frequency chart.

Who Invented Valentine's Day?

Love Birds

Every year in February, there is a day specified to dedicated love to dear ones. The day is celebrated annually on February 14th and is known as Valentine's Day.

We celebrate Valentine's Day every year but have you ever wondered why and who invented it? Well, there's a very interesting story behind it. Let's take a look!

There are many stories that narrate the incidents that happened on the 14th of February. The most accountable story says that there was a Saint Valentine who was imprisoned by Emperor Claudius for officiating marriage illegally among soldiers. Emperor Claudius believed that marriage distracted soldiers from their duties. Legend says that before being executed, he wrote a letter to the daughter of his jailer, Julia, and signed it with "Your Valentine." It is believed that he was buried on 14th February and Julia planted almond and pink blossoms beside his grave as a symbol of lasting friendship and love.

Valentine's Day is also referred to as Saint Valentine's Day. In some parts of the world, it is also called Feast Saint Valentine. It originates from Christian feast day to honor one or maybe more early saints named Valentinus. This is why Valentine's Day is celebrated throughout the world as a significant religious, cultural and commercial festivity of love where people give their loved ones flowers, confectionery and greeting cards.

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