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Christmas Math Worksheets

Do we all know what comes on the 25th of December? That's right! Christmas! Don't we all love the snow and the beautiful lights with decorations? And the best part about the day is definitely the presents, right? But why do we celebrate Christmas? Let's take a look! The 25th of December is a holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as the son of God. The name Christmas is joined from "Christ" and "mass," which refers to holy mass or festival of Jesus Christ. This celebration day came just after the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. The idea was to announce that winter is not forever, and it was a form of worshipping the sun. The day before Christmas is known as Christmas Eve. Gifts are exchanged on Christmas day and everyone gets pine trees that are decorated with bells, candles, candy canes, fairy lights and many other things! The grade leveled and core aligned sheets can all be found below. These sheets are great to have in December. We are always writing new sheets for this section every October - December.

Themed Skill Sheets

Christmas Grade Leveled Collection


  • Mixed Skills 1(How many red colored lights can be seen on the Christmas tree?
  • Mixed Skills 2(Look at the number of Christmas gifts in the problem below and write the addition equation below it.
  • Mixed Skills 3(Ben had three candies. Ben bought two more candies. When he saw Kelly he hid all the candies. How many candies was Ben hiding?
  • Count and Write(K.CC.B.4a) - Jason and Linda bought decorations for their Christmastree. Help them count the number of each type of decoration.
  • Objects to Numbers(K.CC.B.4b) - Can you help Linda match the correct card to these Christmas goodies?
  • More Than(K.CC.C.6) - Jason needs your help.
  • Less Than(K.CC.C.6) - Check all the images that match the sentence.
  • Tree Shapes(K.CC.G.2 (3)) - Name all the shapes that you find in the following picture.

Grade 1

  • Mixed Skills 1(Edward and his sister went shopping on Christmas. Edward bought two pairs of shoes, while his sister bought four pairs. How many pairs of shoes did they buy all together?
  • Mixed Skills 2(State the name of additive property in the picture.
  • Mixed Skills 3(Johnny had 8 cup cakes. He gave a few to his siblings. He now has 2 cup cakes left. How many cupcakes did he give to his siblings?
  • Mixed Skills 4(Use the following symbols to compare the numbers.
  • Snowman Word Problems(1.OA.A.2) - Mark and Mel made a snowman.
  • Word Problems(1.OA.A.1) - Santa needs 8 reindeer for his sleigh. Only 3 reindeer are there so far. How many reindeer are yet to come?

Grade 2

  • Mixed Skills 1(There were 6 balls on the ground. 2 of them were soccer balls 1 was a basketball. How many were tennis balls?
  • Mixed Skills 2(Show the tens and hundreds place numbers in 367.
  • Mixed Skills 3(Which tool would you use to find the length of a gift box?
  • Before, after, in between(2.NBT.A.2) - Santa's elves had numbered the toys they made. Some numbers got erased.
  • Fruit and Money(2.MD.8) - Sandy bought fruits worth $15 and 25 cents. She gave the vendor $20. How much should she get back?

Grade 3

  • Mixed Skills 1(If Wilbur has 20 sacks of gifts and each sack has 5 gifts. How many total gifts does Wilbur have?
  • Mixed Skills 2(There are 10 kids. If Santa has to deliver 3 gifts to each kid. How many gifts should Santa take with him?
  • Mixed Skills 3(At the Mayer Christmas party, 85 people were each given 3 gifts. How many total gifts did the Mayer's need to purchase for the party?

Grade 4

  • Mixed Skills 1(Claudia has to give 5 chocolates to each child. If there are 18 children. How many chocolates does she need?
  • Mixed Skills 2(David makes 6 bags full of Christmas gifts. Each bag has a different number of gifts, but they follow a pattern. Tell the number of gifts in the two boxes?
  • Mixed Skills 3(Claudia has 45 dollars. She divides the money between five children on Christmas. How much did each child receive?
  • Time Word Problems(4.OA.2) - Linda bought 8 turkeys weighing 12kg each. What is the total weight of turkey purchased by Linda?
  • Prime/Composite(4.OA.B.4) - Dorothy numbered all the gift boxes. There were 50 in all. She decided to put a reindeer picture on all the boxes with prime numbers.
  • Sharing Factors(4.OA.B.4) - Anna has some Christmas goodies that she wants to distribute. She wants to know how many piles she can possibly break them into that would allow people to share them equally. Write all the factors for the given numbers and help her.
  • Weight Word Problems(4.MD.A.1) - Mia and Mark wanted to bake a Christmas cake. They mixed 450g of flour, 450g of sugar, 500g butter and 1.2kg of dry fruits and 10 g of baking powder.
  • The Weight of Fruit(4.MD.A.1) - Sandy bought fruits to make salad for the Christmas feast. She put them in various bags.

Grade 5

  • Mixed Skills 1(Phil has 57 Christmas bells. He puts one-third of them storage. Phil gives 7 of the bells to his friend. How many bells does he have now?
  • Mixed Skills 2(Santa visited 5 different countries. Each country has a different number of towns and gifts received. Look at the pattern and see if you can determine the number of towns in each country.
  • Mixed Skills 3(Mike received 8 boxes of candies on Christmas. He already had 47 candies. He now has a total of 95 candies. How many candies are there in each box?
  • Mixed Skills 4(John bought 9 chocolate for Christmas each chocolate weighs 1.5 ounces. Tell the weight (in pounds) of all chocolates.

Grade 6

  • Mixed Skills 1(John can decorate 3 Christmas trees in 2 hours. How much time will be needed to decorate 12 Christmas trees?
  • Mixed Skills 2(Emily can bake 5 Christmas cupcakes in 3.5 hours. How many cupcakes can be she bake in 7 hours?
  • Mixed Skills 3(The boys have 20 more gifts than girls at a gift exchange. The girls have Y gifts. Write an expression for the total number of gifts.
  • Unlocking Expressions(6.EE.A.4) - A lock with a 12‚Äźdigit combination lock is on the gift box. Solve the following problems to learn the combination to the lock.
  • Christmas Ratios(6.RP.A.1) - Letters in the word CHRISTMAS to the letters in the word DECORATIONS?
  • Unit Rates(6.RP.A.2) - Paul wraps 1 gift box in 3/4 of a minute.

Grade 7

  • Mixed Skills 1(Santa Claus had small and big gifts in his bag. He takes out 3 gifts without looking in the bag. Is this a random sample of gifts from the bag?
  • Mixed Skills 2(If three coins are tossed by Santa Claus. What is the probability of getting two heads?
  • Interest(7.RP.A.3) - Judy needed some money for Christmas. She borrows $5,000 from Sally for 2 months at 6% interest rate. How much money would she return to Sally after 2 months?
  • Markups/downs(7.RP.A.3) - A shop was offering a festive discount of 25% on all watches. Tom paid $300 for a watch. What was the original price?
  • December Inequalities (7.EE.B.4b) - Write an inequality for the maximum number of gift boxes that each group would get.
  • Area and Perimeter(7.G.A.1) - Andy wants to decorate his room for Christmas. If the length is 8m and the width is 7m. Find the area of the room that will be decorated.
  • Tables and Circles(7.G.B.4) - Judy has a round table on which she plans to keep Christmas goodies.

Grade 8

  • Mixed Skills 1(The elves break 6.7% of the toys that they load on to Santa's sleigh.
  • Mixed Skills 2(Grumpy elf is sick and had to take today off. Grumpy elf is Santa statistician. It is your job to fill in for Grumpy elf today.
  • Mixed Skills 3(Find the arithmetic mean and median of toys distributed.