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What is the Summer Season? You love holidays, don't you? Then you must be desperately waiting for summer vacations! We do we get holidays in that season but do you know what summers are? Let's take a look! The summer season is one of the four seasons that occur around the year. Among the four seasons, it is the hottest season of the year. This season is when the people have to face the scorching heat of the sun. During the summer season, the days are longer and the nights are shorter. Mostly, the summer season occurs in the northern and southern parts of the Earth. In the Northern parts, the summer season ranges from April to September while in the Southern region, the season occurs from December to March months. During the summer season, people enjoy going to the beach and visiting cool places. Eating different varieties of fruits such as watermelon, mangoes, grapes, and vegetables like cucumbers to beat the heat. People go out to visit different places with their families during the summers. All of these sheets are related to the season of summer. If you are looking for summer time review math work for your grade level, click here.

Themed Skill Sheets Sorted By Skill

Core Aligned and Leveled Collection


Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

  • Mixed Patterns (4.OA.C.5.L.5) - What number comes next in this pattern?
  • Adding Numbers up to a Million(4.NBT.B.4.B.1) - Solve for the following addition problems.
  • Making Change(4.MS.A.2.M.5) - Martin bought himself a new swimming mask, snorkel, and swimming flippers. The total cost was $18.75. Martin had $ 19.43 in his pocket. How much change will Martin get back from this purchase?
  • Lines of Symmetry(4.G.A.3.P.26) - Identify if the dotted lines are lines of symmetry.

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

  • Scatter Plots(8.SP.A.1.N.13) - Analyze the following scatter plots and determine if they have a positive, negative, or no correlation.
  • Volume of Prisms and Cylinders(8.G.C.9.Q.28) - Find the volume for the following prisms and cylinders.

How to Combat Summer Math Loss

Hello Summer

At the start of every school year, we get a new crop of students. Teachers usually begin math classes by running a slight review of the previous skills that students should have mastered to reach this grade level. We instantly see a huge discrepancy between where they should be and where they are. We instantly think to the teachers that are a year below our level and wonder if they were actually teaching math. The research does show us that when students have an extended break of several months, they fall off and lose skills quickly. The old practice makes perfect, seems to hold true.

The research also shows us that reading skills do not drop as fall of as math skills do. Parents often take ownership of reading skills and continue to read with their children throughout the summer months. Parents often feel that math skills are learned at school and their children need a break from a rigorous year. As a result, there is normally a complete absence of math learning during this time.

There are several solutions that will not completely solve the problem, but definitely lessen the fall. Encourage parents to include a daily math activity with their kids. This can be done year-round but continued through the summer. This can be things like calculating the bill while shopping, calculating sales tax, determining tips at restaurants, measuring out recipes when baking. Have students play math games online. There are many different options. We would recommend that you share go sites with your community. You can also send your students off with summer math packets. An even better idea is to create a problem of the day with your grade level teachers. You will need approximately 50 problems. If there are 5 teachers of a level that is 10 problems each to put together.

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