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What is the Fall Season? Do you know the names of the four seasons that occur around the year? That's right! Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Then what is fall? Let's take a look! In major parts of the world, we witness the beautiful Autumn season. And that is also referred to as the Fall season. In the Autumn Season, the deciduous trees shed their leaves. These leaves turn their color from green to red and then eventually into yellow or brown before they fall on the ground. Basically, Autumn is the transition of summer to winter, which is why the sunlight gets significantly less, and hence, the days get shorter too. The weather also starts getting colder. There are two main holidays observed in the autumn season are Thanksgiving and Halloween. During the fall, everything becomes brown and orange. People enjoy hot drinks, including hot cocoa and cider. Time for the season to change a bit. School is in full swing. The leaves will drop as we gear up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here are a bunch of math worksheets themed for this time of the year.

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Fall Themed Math Activities for Your Classes


This season lends itself to help you add a bit of fun to your lessons. We all got together here and put a list of activities that we have done with our students previously that were related to the fall season. Here are some ideas for your classroom:

1. Counting - Of course we start with the obvious activity. You can approach this from many different angles. The most basic approach is to count leaves that have fallen off of the tree. You can also go in reverse and place the proper number of leaves on each tree. One of our colleagues has students complete a short writing activity on each leaf and then include the counting. You will need a good amount of space to work on an activity like this. You can also take leaves and place numbers within them. Give students bead or any item of your choice and students then have to place the same number of beads next to each leaf.

2. Sorting - One of the best activities that I have done here is to take students outside and collect fallen leaves from assorted types of trees. Enough leaves so that it fills a plastic baggie. Usually you will come in with 25-40 leaves. Try to stay away from monster sized leaves. I have students then determine a method to sort the leaves into at least 3 categories based on a criterion of their own. Once they are done, we put all the leaves back in the bag and we repeat the activity, but they need to choose a new criterion to base their sort on.

3. Estimation - You remember the good old guess how many jellybeans are in the jar. That is a main stay. You can adapt this in as many different ways as you imagination will allow. This is more related to Halloween, but pumpkin seed estimations are always fun.

4. Cardinal / Ordinal Numbers, Surveys, and Graphing - As long as you have no students with apple allergies, you can run an apple taste test. This is a 3-part activity that students always have fun with. This time of year is great for the variety of apples that you will find in your local produce isle. If you have any local farms, please support them. Cut each apple into small slices and provide each student with a slice. Make sure that they label the name of each type of apple the slice is of. I find it best to provide them with a small bottle of water. Have them take their time and sample each of the slices. Remind them that should sip a bit of water between each tasting.

Students start the activity by ranking the taste of the apples from the favorite to least favorite. Start with tradition cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3…) and then have them follow this up with ordinal numbers (first, second, third…) Once this is complete, take a survey of the entire class for their favorite apple. Take another survey of their least favorite apple. Then have students create a bar graph for each of these surveys.

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