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Fall Math Worksheets

What is the Fall Season? Do you know the names of the four seasons that occur around the year? That's right! Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring. Then what is fall? Let's take a look! In major parts of the world, we witness the beautiful Autumn season. And that is also referred to as the Fall season. In the Autumn Season, the deciduous trees shed their leaves. These leaves turn their color from green to red and then eventually into yellow or brown before they fall on the ground. Basically, Autumn is the transition of summer to winter, which is why the sunlight gets significantly less, and hence, the days get shorter too. The weather also starts getting colder. There are two main holidays observed in the autumn season are Thanksgiving and Halloween. During the fall, everything becomes brown and orange. People enjoy hot drinks, including hot cocoa and cider. Time for the season to change a bit. School is in full swing. The leaves will drop as we gear up for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Here are a bunch of math worksheets themed for this time of the year.

Themed Skill Sheets Sorted By Common Core Skill

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