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Aligned To The Core Curriculum

All of our work is aligned to the core math curriculum. You will be told the standard that the worksheets on that page are aligned to. We thought this just made sense. Our grade level listings are entirely based on the same standards. This should make life a great deal easier for teachers who are working to align to the core standards. We label the standards in the following fashion:

Grade Level
Topic Area
Standard Number

Note: That topic area is often referred to as domain in the core curriculum.

Help For Parents

Parents may have some difficulty in understanding the use of the core skills on our site. It's actually pretty easy to understand. The common core math standards are an effort of a number of states to develop somewhat of a universal curriculum for math and Language Arts. Almost all the States are now using this curriculum as their main source. The federal government has been applying pressure to States to give them an incentive to join in. Eventually, they will all join.

This is a very good thing for your children. It doesn't matter if you move from New York to Florida, your child's transition will be fluid. Students will be learning the same things at the same grade level across the entire country. The Core Standards also ensure that our college students have the same skills when they reach college.

As a loving parent, you obviously want your child to have the very best education possible - learning everything from English language, science and mathematics. These classes outline their interests from an early age and could potentially outline their career in the future. Student performance at a younger age also indicates how well students are going to do in the future. By doing everything you can to help your child learn basic math skills from an early age, you could be doing them a huge favor.

But you don't want to jump right into the complicated mathematics, should you decide to help them along the way with their education. All children need to start with the basics, and without expecting too much, you need to start helping your child get used to the idea of numbers, equations and other mathematical functions at a very basic level.

You don't want to scare your child, as many will already have unpleasant attitudes towards mathematics due to the generally 'boring' method of teaching it in most schools. You want to challenge your child without worrying them, or making it feel like too much of a burden. It's a delicate process but it can be done, and by making it enjoyable along the way you will no doubt be able to improve your child's attitude towards math at school.

There are many different ways to help your child succeed in math class. The most beneficial way is through the use of math worksheets. These are available all over the Internet to download for free. Regardless of what grade your child is in, these sheets are available to help them with more practice.

The first thing you need to do is understand the way that a child learns, and find out the best way that they learn. By starting from the bottom, by showing them quantities of objects and letting them decipher what that translates to in numbers, you can let your toddler get to grips with the basic. Soon you'll be able to teach them how to write numbers, and form basic equations. Don't expect this overnight, however! This is something that takes years to become second nature, and with school education, you'll soon just be an extra helping hand with your child's education. No matter how much you may help, you can never expect to be able to dedicate as much time and effort to your child's education as their educational institution.

The worksheets give your child extra practice in the area that they're struggling in. Whether it's basic addition, problem solving, or algebraic equations, math worksheets are available. Now, you've got a way of helping them with the math without using the same questions that they're getting out of their textbook.

The variety of questions will help your child by giving them the tools they need to solve any problem, not just the ones in their book. Perhaps they've been using the same questions over and over and your child just needs a new variety. Or maybe they know the answer to some of them, but not all of them. Having this variety will let them learn from different angles, becoming proficient at the entire multiplication tables or problem solving, not just a select few from their book.

Children learn through many different formats, however, repetition is tried and true. Giving them worksheets each day will drill down the basics to them, helping them over and over as they work out different equations and problems.

Soon enough, when your child has grown a few more years and they've long been used to using numbers in equations, and being able to solve basic sums, you'll be implementing math into their day to day lives. It's best to try and engage your children in mathematical activity without them specifically realizing that that's what you're doing.

Math worksheets will also give your child extra practice. Having them do these worksheets for you in addition to the homework they may (or may not) have been given will allow them to repeat the learning process over and over so that they gain speed at solving the problems.

Addition and subtraction through addiction worksheets and subtraction worksheets will include initial sums that you can try and implement into their day to day lives, asking them to solve basic sums in order to 'help mom and dad'. It's a great way of making your child feel involved in your life, as well as practice their mathematical ability. Soon, they'll be mastering division and multiplication, and you'll have been responsible for their success in education, further education and their career.

Helping your child to improve on areas they're not doing well in will help improve their grades, too. There's no need to wait until the teacher has told you that they are having a problem in a certain area.

Depending on how ambitious you are, you can even start giving your child worksheets in areas that are a chapter or two ahead of where they're currently at to avoid problems. This way, your child's grades will always be at a higher level because you've corrected any problems that they may struggle in before they've been tested on the material in class.

Rewarding your child will give them an extra incentive to complete the math worksheets. Set a certain percentage right as the goal so that they have a reason to complete these for you even after a grueling session at school. Whether it's extra time outside or a special prize, your child will soon find that math isn't such a daunting task as they once thought it was.

Math is a tough subject no matter how good a student your child may be. The worksheets are designed to help them through repetition, quizzing, and extra practice. Plus, it gives you a way to become involved with the learning process without using the same material that they're already getting from the teacher. Now, you've got a great tool that's available anywhere and you can help them improve their grades and prepare them for new material, too.

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