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New Years Day Math Worksheets

How Do People Celebrate New Years Day? According to the Gregorian and Julian calendar, January 1st is a national holiday that celebrates New Year's Day. The New Year Day marks the start of a new with new resolutions and new possibilities. It is also a marking of newly found happiness and restarting life with a clean slate. People consider New Year's to be a reminder of looking ahead to the future, leaving sadness behind and make positive changes in their lives. There are lots of ways in which people celebrate New Year's. At the stroke of midnight, fireworks are released into the sky. Parades around the world are held to welcome the New Year with happiness. People everywhere celebrate the day with champagne and a variety of different foods as well. People keep their loved ones close and follow traditions that are meant to bring good luck and success for the new year. Here are a series of New Years Day themed math worksheets that are aligned to the Common Core Curriculum. Some random New York City ball dropping facts: 1 million people gather in Time Square, 1 billion people watch it on television, 2,000 pounds of confetti is dropped on the crowd, 45% of Americans make New Year's resolutions.

Sheets Sorted By Common Core Skill

Core Aligned and Leveled Collection


  • Symmetry(K.G.B.4.S.9) - Identify if the following objects has symmetry or not. Select yes if the picture has symmetry or no if it does not.
  • Counting for the New Year to 100(K.CC.A.1.E.2) - Select the correct answer for the following count to 100.

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Grade 4

  • The Twins New Year's Word Problems(4.OA.3) - Lucy and her twin sister Maribel are 9 years old this year, and their Mom and Dad have decided that they are finally old enough to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve and see the fireworks!
  • Increasing Patterns(4.OA.C.5.L.2) - Complete the increasing patterns.
  • Equivalent Fractions(4.NBT.A.2.E.20) - Complete the pattern of the equivalent fractions.
  • The Old & The New(4.NF.C.7.M.1) - Compare and convert the following metric units.

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

  • Rounding Decimals(7.NS.A.2d) - Round the following decimals as instructed.
  • Data Samples(7.SP.A.2) - Choose if the following is a random, representative, or biased samples.

Grade 8

New Year's Day Math Activity Idea

Baby New Year

This is one of those holidays that lends itself more to other subject areas because it revolves around the concept of fresh start and renewal. If you get a bit creative, you will find a number of great activities that reinforce concepts you are learning while help kids having some time relevant fun. Here are some activities that we have found to be successful which are themed around New Year's:

Time Travel Math - This is a great way to review quick operations. You can pretend that you have created a time machine that can go back or forward in time. This machine only works by input how far in the future or past you wish to travel. You can give students a scenario and ask them how far in the future or past must they set the machine to? An example might be: The telephone was invented on February 14th, 1876. How many years and days in the past does the machine need to be set to. You could even make them go another step and make them research when that event occurred. This adds an extra level of difficulty.

Time Square Producer - I gave this project to one of my more advanced classes a few years back and they had fun with it. The class was broken into teams of 3 students. They were told that they were the going to do be setting up the New Year's Eve Time Square Ball Drop. They were given a list item that they needed to purchase for the festivities. They were given a week to as a group, on their own time, find all places where they could purchase these items for the cheapest price possible. The team that got the lowest, verifiable price got extra credit.

Word Problem Bonanza - This is one of those perfect times to hit up students with word problems that are themed directly to the holiday. You can make them yourself with situations that are exactly for students of your local community. I find that students respond a great deal more when the work is relevant to them. We also have a bunch of sheets found above with premade word problems. You could also have the best of both worlds and use our word problems and just replace the places or the names of people with those that your students would know for sure.

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