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Groundhog Day Math Worksheets

Why is there a Ground Hog's Day? This is an American tradition that dates back over 200 years. Groundhog Day is a celebration where Americans gather around in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, to watch a groundhog, that folklore suggests can predict the weather for the next six weeks. Even though the day is not a public holiday, it is widely observed in the USA. Every year on February 2nd, a groundhog is said to forecast the weather by looking for his shadow. If the sun is out and shining, and the groundhog sees the shadow, it is said to result in six more weeks of winter. However, if the weather is cloudy, the forecast is for an early spring. Due to the weather being different in the different parts of the States, many towns in Canada and the U.S have their own groundhogs for weather prediction with their own traditions and cultures for the Groundhog Day. February 2 is the day where two things always happen: A) we find out how much longer winter will be. B) teachers are scrambling to find Groundhog Hog materials. We never seen anything available for math. Hopefully this helps you solve #2.

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The Great Punxsutawney Probability

Happy Groundhog Day

As of the latest collected data Punxsutawney Phil has officially seen his shadow 106 times and not seen his shadow 20 times. Meaning that Phil has predicted 6 more weeks of winter slightly over 84% of the time. That is a great deal of winter. In my region of the world (Northern East United States) that is definitely a safe bet. If we look at historical weather data, Phil is correct less than 40% of time. This means that coin flip that is not directed by anything, has a much better chance of predicting the correct outcome. As we can see by the math, this holiday is much more about keeping a fun tradition alive than anything else. We all know that this is complete malarkey, but we do look forward to it every year. It's like a professional wrestling match that we are looking forward to.

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