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Hanukkah Math Worksheets

What is Hanukkah? Do you know what the Hanukkah festival represents and what the story behind it is? Well, it's a very interesting one. Let's get on with it! About more than 2,000 years ago, the Jewish fought against their enemies, who didn't allow them to practice their religious traditions. They even destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, which had many holy objects, including one sacred lamp, the Menorah. A brave man, Judah, led a small band of people known as Maccabees in a fight against their enemies so that they could freely practice their traditions. However, the enemies were outnumbered, but still, the Jews stood strong and brave, and they achieved victory. When they returned, the first thing that Judah did was restore the sacred lamp. But the sad thing about it was there was very little oil left, enough only for one day. So, he filled the lamp with that oil and lit it. But instead of lasting for just a day, it burned brighter and brighter, lasting for eight days straight! That was a miracle! From that day onwards, an occasion is held every year to celebrate and honor the victories of the Jews, which is known as Hanukkah. The word Hanukkah means rededication, while the celebration itself is called the "Festival of Lights." The celebrations lats for eight days; the first day usually includes a big family dinner with potato latkes, beef briskets, and jelly doughnuts. After dinner, the family gathers around for lighting the Menorah candles, a new candle each day until all eight are lit. Blessings, songs, gifts, and games with toys such as dreidel and chocolate coins, called gelt, are all part of the ceremony. Many of our authors celebrate Hanukkah. This section was put together specifically by those authors. Our authors did try to balance the grade levels and they will add more materials soon.

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  • Scientific Notation(5.NBT.A.2.A.11) - Convert the following from standard form to scientific notation and from scientific notation to standard form as instructed.
  • Open and Closed Shapes (5.G.B.4.B.3) - Identify if the following shapes are open or closed.
  • Function Tables (5.OA.B.3.Q.7) - Solve for the following function tables.

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