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Geometric Shapes Worksheets

What are Geometric Shapes? Before children learn about advanced and complicated algebraic concepts, they must have a firm grip on the basic geometric shapes. Figures closed by a definite boundary formed by specific curves, points and lines are defined as geometric shapes. All of us are familiar with the common geometric shapes like a rectangle, circle, triangle and square. Let us get a clearer idea of these basic shapes SQUARE - A four-sided geometric shape created by joining four-line segments is known as a square. The four-line segments of a square are of equal lengths and form four right angles RECTANGLE - A rectangle is like a square, and it is also formed by combining four-line segments. The only difference between square and rectangle is that in a rectangle, the four-line segments are not if equal lengths. It has two-line segments longer than the other two-line segments. Also, the four corners of a rectangle form the four right angles CIRCLE - A circle is a geometric shape with no straight lines. It is formed by combining and connecting curves together. A circle has no angles. TRIANGLE - A triangle comprises of three-line segments connected. Unlike a square or rectangle, angles are of different measurements in a triangle. A triangle does not always have the right angle. The type of angle found within a triangle defines the kind of triangle. For example, if a triangle has a right angle, it will be named as a right-angled triangle. Shape recognition and identification is the start of geometry. Take a look at our geometry section for worksheets that actually use the calculation of shapes.