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Attributes of Shapes

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Grade 1 Geometry - G.1

What Are the Attributes of Shapes? To understand what shapes are, we do not need to search for them on the internet as everything around us has a shape. Look around; you will see many simple shapes such as square, circle, rectangle, sphere, cylinder, etc. To develop an understanding of different shapes, it is better to learn their attributes. The properties and traits of any shape are known as its attributes. Let's understand what these attributes are: Features or properties that visually define any shape are its attributes. For example: Square is a basic shape. Its attributes will be: Attributes: - It has four sides and four vertices. - All sides of the square are equal. - Opposite sides are parallel. - The angles between any two adjacent sides are 90 degrees. Let's take an equilateral triangle Attributes: - All three sides are equal. - The angle between two adjacent sides is 60 degrees. These worksheets help students identify and get comfortable with geometric shapes.

Guided Lessons

My true goal here is for students to start seeing the shapes that surround them all day long.

Practice Worksheets

We focus on the names of the shapes in all types of settings.