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Division Worksheets

This is one of the fundamental operations that we perform in math. We can think of it as taking a value and breaking it into a fixed number of portions. The goal of the operation, in this case, is to determine the number found within each portion. These types of problems consist of three parts: the dividend, the divisor, and the quotient. In the case of this problem 14 (dividend) ÷ 2 (divisor) = 7 (quotient). The dividend is the value that we are taking apart. The divisor indicates the number groups we will split the dividend into. The quotient is the result of the operation and tells us how many would be found within each group. In this section of our site, you will find links below that will lead you to basic and middle level worksheets and lessons that work with this operation. There are also more advanced uses of this operation in our algebra and high school section. The topics that are listed below are more focused understand the concept and applying it to integers to solve problems. The way the standards are setup, many division based skills are found in our basic math operations page. In this section you will find materials that specifically focus on division with no tie into any other operations.

Tips for Teaching Division

Out of the four basic mathematical operations, the majority of the children struggle with the division. Teaching and learning division can seem like a challenge, but there are easy ways to make kids grasp this concept. Below we have discussed a few tips that will significantly help your children in conceptualizing division.

12 Bitcoins in 3 Groups

Division: as a way of sharing - It is easier to grasp the concepts of division if it is presented as a way of sharing. Start teaching division as a set of objects distributed among a group in equal numbers. While 15/5 can be confusing, distributing 15 chocolates to 5 friends is simpler for kids to understand. If you wanted to use a slightly more engaging topic, like cryptocurrency we could look at a similar problem of 12 ÷ 3. You could even present it into a visual form and ask students, "How many bitcoins are found in group, if we break 12 bitcoins into 3 groups?" Students will be able to clearly see that you find 4 bitcoins within each of the groups. I would also encourage you to have students do this with tangible objects that they can hold in their hands. I will often write a problem on the board that they must build a visual model of, like this on their paper. Rubber bands and pennies work great too. They can draw it as well. You know your students, which ever you feel they will best connect with.

Dividing into small groups - Demonstrate your children how to divide large sets into smaller groups. Then ask them to do the same. You can give them groups of a variety of objects and ask them to divide them into sets of various sizes. Employ different manipulatives and worksheets or household items to conduct these activities. I even find it great to have students often break themselves into a fixed number of teams. They start by writing a quotient based problem that models the number of people on the different teams.

Familiarity with a division symbol - Most of us do not realize the significance of this step and tend to overlook it. Before your children start doing division problems, make sure they are familiar with the symbol of division. Instruct them on how to use common symbols of division. For instance, 12 divided by 2 can be represented as 12 / 2 or 12 ÷ 2.

Using Cupcake Tins - They serve as great structures to house equal groups; you can even use them later when you move on to the concept of remainders. Each portion of your tin can be used to sort things into groups. You can use just about anything that comes in a smaller size: coins, beads, and any old doodad. I find it very helpful to have them write the problems on paper as well, so that they can make the transition back to paper and pencil much easier.

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