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Division as Sharing

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Grade 3 Algebra - 3.OA.A.3

How do Division and Sharing Relate? When understanding the division operation, a lot of students face difficulty. It is not a simple operation like addition and subtraction. A teacher uses the concept of sharing when helping the students grasp the concept of division. The reason behind it is that division and sharing are related. Whenever we talk about sharing, we instantly know that we have to apply the division operation. Sharing is a keyword in a word problem that indicates that it is a division word problem. There are two types of sharing, equal sharing and unequal sharing. When we talk about unequal sharing, we might have to use the concept of ratios, which is also an application of division operation. Equal sharing requires simple division. Example: Tony has five sons. He gave $100 to his eldest son and asked him to equally share it with his other four brother. How much money will each of Tony's son receive? Solution: When you read the problem, you know that it talks about sharing which requires you to apply the division operation. You know the total amount that needs to be shared which is $100 and you know the number of shares that the amount must be divided in, which is five. You simply divide $100 by 5 and you get $20. Each son's share will be $20. These worksheets and lessons show students can be related to sharing items between differing numbers of people. This is a great way to introduce the topic to students.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

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  • Homework 1 - Share the balls so that each bat has two more balls than the last one.
  • Homework 2 - The elves will be sharing the candy canes. Each elf will have 2 more than the last elf. How many candy canes does each elf get?
  • Homework 3 - You have to share the ice creams so that each boy has five more than the last one. How many ice creams will each boy have?

Practice Worksheets

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  • Practice 1 - Distribute the books, so that each kid gets 3 more than the last one.
  • Practice 2 - Find the number of corn for the bear, monkey and elephant according to the above statement?
  • Practice 3 - Share the eggs so that each toy has five more than the last one.

Math Skill Quizzes

Sentence completion is becoming much more prevalent on the recent tests I have seen.

  • Quiz 1 - Mike, Steve, and Mark share a box of 18 pencils. Mike gets 4 of the pencils. Steve gets 6 pencils. Mark gets all the remaining pencils.
  • Quiz 2 - If you were to evenly share 28 ice cream sandwiches with 4 classrooms, how many ice cream sandwiches would each class receive?