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Division of Large Numbers Worksheets

When you begin working with very large values that serve as the dividend in division problems students often are a little flabbergasted as to where to begin. When you are processing problems like this it just requires you to stay organized. It is one of those calculations that require your students to use pencils or something that at least erases. You will make these little headaches as you get better at it. This will require a good amount of practice. Students learn how to divide very large numbers by much smaller numbers in this series of worksheets.

Aligned Standard: 5.NBT.B.6

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Homework Sheets

The example will remind students of the skills they need in this set of activities for dividing large numbers.

  • Homework 1 - See how many times you can fit 4 into 1,248.
  • Homework 2 - There are a lot of fours in this example, for sure.
  • Homework 3 - Check out this example. We purposely left off the overhang bar.

Practice Worksheets

I made the problems fit just right so that you will see straight multiples within it.

Math Skill Quizzes

Use your space wisely here.

  • Quiz 1 - Let's see how well you do with this one.
  • Quiz 2 - There might be a remainder; and then again maybe not.
  • Quiz 3 - See if you can complete number nine in two steps.

How to Divide Large Numbers

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The word division refers to the distribution of anything among people or groups. The basic purpose of the division is to share something equally among people or into equal groups/parts. This definition applies to smaller numbers to a great extent. But as you work your way up and move to higher grades, you will be encountered with greater problems and larger numbers.

Remember that dividing large numbers doesn’t mean that you have to follow a different methodology. The basic operation of division is the same as that of smaller numbers. For larger numbers, what we do is that we divide the number into smaller chunks or little pieces and then divide it by the divisor. For example: Consider that you have to divide 5488 by 98. Follow these steps to make your larger division easier.

1. Break the digit 5488 into small chunks while making sure that the first chunk stays greater than the divisor. The size of the chunk entire depends on what the divisor will fit into. Starting at the front of the number (left) we keep moving right until we have a value that the divisor will fit into. In this case our divisor (98) will not fit into 5 or even 54, but it will fit into 548. This will be the front number in our quotient. We would process it as:

548 ÷ 98 = 5 remainder 58

2. 5 serves as the front of our quotient. We then continue on will the same strategy working off the remainder. As we know, we cannot divide 58 by 98, but we can drop the remaining part of the dividend (8) to the end of the remainder (58). This would give us the final problem:

588 ÷ 98 = 6

So, our final answer would be:

5488 ÷ 98 = 56.

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