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Mystery Picture Math Worksheets

Mystery puzzles are an awesome way to motivate students. They forget that they are even learning or reviewing a skill. They are solely focused on figuring out what the puzzle means. In this section of our site we have prepared a wide range of worksheets to help your students either learn or practice their division skills through solving all types of different puzzles. These worksheets present as a division review activity that has students color in a picture to reveal an object.

Aligned Standard: 3.OA.C.7

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Homework Sheets

I played around here a bit with some different types of questions. 2 and 3 are fun!

  • Homework 1 - Solve division facts and color each section according to the key.
  • Homework 2 - Complete the division problems and color the picture according to the quotient key below.
  • Homework 3 - A lighthouse and sailing image is revealed.

Practice Worksheets

Number 3 is my favorite by far.

  • Practice 1 - Solve the division facts and color each section according to the numbers.
  • Practice 2 - Solve division facts and color each section according to the numbers written for each shape.
  • Practice 3 - A divided hot air balloon.

How Solving Math Puzzles Helps Students

House Jigsaw Puzzle

Ever since children enroll in schools, they have the tendency to enjoy every moment. Similarly, if you drop books in front of them from the get-go, they can lose interest entirely. Thus, if you wish to motivate them to perform better, you must combine fun activities along with study material. Puzzles are those activities that trigger their minds to play while they get to enjoy learning as well. Puzzles that add a sense of mystery engage them even more. There have been over a half of a dozen recent scientific studies that shown that consistent use of puzzle with math-based problems improve logical skills and help students approach a sense of calm when working with more advanced math skills. It is like anything the more practice you have doing something the less intimidating it becomes and the better you become at it.

There are different puzzles that you can use to help students understand different concepts better. For instance, the heartbreaking puzzle is a game that you can use to make pupils understand different geometric shapes. Another example of a puzzle type problem is the crossword puzzle with which students can improve their word building skills. This can also be fit into the realm of math by creating math cross-number puzzles. They are setup just like your standard crossword, but with numbers which are solution and the across and down questions are the math problems that for them. There are numerous other puzzles that you can use to develop interests among your students.

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