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Division Word Problems

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Grade 3 Operations - 3.OA.2

How to Know If A Word Problem Requires Division? There are four types of word problems kids have to deal with in mathematics, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. As compared to addition and subtraction, kids find multiplication and division word problems complex. The most complicated part of solving a word problem is the identification of which arithmetic operation is to be applied. The practice is what will help kids grasp the concept of division word problems perfectly but following these simple steps will help kids identify if a word problem requires division or not. Step 1: Read the Word Problem - Reading is the most important step in solving a word problem. Without thoroughly reading the problem, one will never be able to identify its type. Step 2: Underline the Keywords - Whether its addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, certain keywords clearly indicate the type of world problem. The terms that will help kids identify whether it's a division word problem or not include; - per, a - divided into - out of - the ratio of, the quotient of - percent (divide by 100) - equal pieces, split - average If any of these words are in the word problem, it is an indication that the problem requires the division to be solved. This is a series of worksheets that focus on word problems that include division operations.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

I tried to include as many images as I could as I wrote these to help support visual learners.

  • Homework 1- A group of 4 boys collected a total of 12 apples from a box to eat. If they each collected the same amount, how many apples did each boy collect?
  • Homework 2- A teacher gave out 15 pencils to 3 students. Each student got the same number of pencils. How many pencils did each student get?
  • Homework 3- We have to distribute 6 carrots to 2 rabbits. If they each get the same amount, how many carrots did each rabbit get?

Practice Worksheets

I tried to progress students to that next level by grouping the questions on a single topic.

  • Practice 1- We have to put 12 dollar bills in 2 bags. If each bag has to get the same amount, how many bills should be in each bag?
  • Practice 2- We have to distribute 20 juice boxes among 4 soldiers. If they each get the same amount, how many juice boxes does each soldier get?
  • Practice 3- We have to feed 24 leaves to 3 sheep. If they each get the same amount, how many leaves will each sheep get?

Math Skill Quizzes

The quizzes expect that students have this skill mastered.

  • Quiz 1- We have to feed 12 bones to 3 dogs. If they each get the same amount, how many bones will each dog get?
  • Quiz 2- Tiffany went strawberry picking. At the end of the day she had 72 beautiful strawberries. The containers that hold strawberries each can fit up to 12 straw berries each. How many containers will Tiffany need for all her strawberries?

Tips When Solving Division Word Problems

When solving any word problem that involves a math operation the first step is to identify the type of operation you will be undergoing. As we covered above, there are a number of different keywords that often give this away. In the case of division, you will be looking for a word that indicates that something is being shared of a series of things. Once you have determined that division is involved or required of you, the next step is to establish what value is be shared or broken up (divided). This value is called the dividend. The next step is to determine how this value will be shared and in how many pieces it will be broken into. That number is called the divisor. The last step is to process the quotient between those two values and find the solution. The last step that is specific to word problems, as well as measurement problems, is to make sure you have unit specified for each unit.