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Decimal values are used to whole numbers and fractional parts in a single string. The decimal point is used to separate the whole and fractional (less than 1) values of the numbers. The whole numbers are found to the left of the point and the fractional portion to the right of it. As we move to the left of the integers found in the value each successive move is 10 times greater than the previous place value. As we move to each successive place value to the right the value is ten less for each move. There are 2 different categories of decimals they come in a terminating and nonterminating form. Terminating form means that the value ends in a finite number of place values. The nonterminating form means that the number carries on infinitely. You will find that there are many uses of nonterminating values used in the financial world to get everything a company could get out of their buyers. This section of our site really covers the concepts of decimals, conversion, and the use of place values well here. Don't just take our word for it, this particular section has been cited by a number of educational editors including the Times and Herald.

What are Decimals?

A decimal is that number, which is expressed on a scale that is based on the concept of tens or base ten. As you find numbers in a linear direction each movement of a digit is a difference of ten. If you move to the left the digits increase by value of ten for each place. If you move to the right, the digits decrease by a value of ten for each movement. The number that is locate to the left of the decimal point signifies the ones places. We can consider this the starting point for everything. Decimals can be used to form of value that can express the concept of a fraction or mixed numbers. In other words, decimals are those numbers that include decimal points to represent a number including the fraction of a whole number in the form of tenths, hundredths, thousandths and so on.

Let us learn how to represent decimals where we separate the whole part of the number with the fractional part or value that is less than one for the number. In example 56.7, there are 5 tens, 6 ones and 7 tenths. In other words, if we have to add all of these numbers, they can be written as:

50 + 6 + 7/10.

The trick is to learn the concept of place value, given that each digit is essential in a decimal number. The position of the decimal point will determine the quantity and meaning of a number.

Where Do We Use Decimals in Daily Life?

In the typical day an average adult will use the cross paths will a decimal value on at least a dozen occasions. Whenever we are working with a unit that is less than one whole unit, it can be expressed as a decimal, whether we choose to or not. The most used form of the decimal form is found when dealing with money. We always think in terms of dollars and cents. In decimal form dollars are found to the left of the decimal point and cents to the right.

When we are working with just about any form of digital scale whether it measures distance or weight, decimal values are the preferred format of choices because it is simple to produce because it is a straight string of numbers in a row. The same is true of just about calculator that you will use to perform basic or complex calculations.

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