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Rounding Decimals

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 5 Numbers and Operations - 5.NBT.A.4

How to Round Decimals - Estimating is an essential part of mathematics and a beneficial tool in daily life. Learning how to estimate distance, lengths, and other amounts help us significantly in everyday measurements. It will help speed up your ability to make good decisions. Rounding off the numbers is a type of estimation. Rounding off decimals work the same as when we are working with whole numbers. When tackling this skill with decimals, we typically round off to a whole number or one or two decimal places. It depends based on the situation were are working with. When we talk about rounding off decimals to the whole number, we focus on the numbers present on tenths and one's places. Basically all the values that are found to the right of the decimal point. Always round off the decimal place to the nearest numbers, increasing or dropping the decimal point. for example, 7.1 will round off to 7. We will drop the 0.1 decimal point. Similarly, 33.9 will round off to 34. we will move one decimal point up. The tip here is that if the decimal place greater than 5, we move one decimal point up. When the place value is less than 5, we move down one decimal point down. If there are more places, then drop them. For example, 21.816 will round off to 22. 2.134 will round off to 2. When we are rounding off the decimal to two places, we will focus on second and third decimal places. For example, 43.4344 will round off to 43. 43. 25.5674 will round off to 25.57. These worksheets and lessons teach students how to skew up or down the values properly in rounding situation with decimals.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Basic Level Practice Worksheets

This section mostly for remediation and a simple reminder of the skill for students that haven't seen it in a while.

More Advanced Practice Worksheets

You will find that these are all relatively at the same level for the same skills.

Why Do We Round Decimals Anyway?

Anytime we perform this skill the value that we get is less accurate and much less precise than the original version of the value. Why in the world would you ever want something that is less accurate? The first thing that it does is provide you with a value that is much easier to operate with. It makes the math easier and much more manageable. In reality it just saves us a ton of time. We would only use this in situation where accuracy and precision is not a big deal. If you want to know about how many more cars you can fit in the parking lot, this is a time to use this skill. If you were wrong or off by a few cars, you can double park the extra cars or have a few empty parking slots. In a case where you were trying to determine the proper amount of medication to give a medical patient (life and death), you would not use this skill.