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Writing and Recognizing Decimals in Expanded Form

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Grade 5 Base Ten - 5.NBT.A.3.A

In regards to decimals, what is the difference between Expanded Form and Standard Form? Learning decimals can be difficult if not understood properly, especially if you want to learn the difference between the expanded form and the standard form. A decimal is defined as the number which is part of a whole. For example, if you eat half of your favorite chocolate bar, then you have eaten 0.5 part of it. The decimal point represents the 1/2 of the whole chocolate bar. Now, when you have learned what decimal is all about, let’s move onto the expanded and standard form of decimal numbers. Standard form of Decimals -The standard form of decimals is how you simply write the decimal number in its original form. That is, in the form 54.315; where the place value of the decimal can be shown in the table below. 5 Tens, 4 Ones, 3 Tenths, 1 Hundredths , 5 Thousandths Expanded form of Decimals - In the expanded form of Decimals, you can write numbers by also showing the value of the digit but by adding them individually. See the table below. Expanded Notation = 50 + 4 + 3/10 + 1/100 + 5/1000

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