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Decimal Word Problem Worksheets

When we are working with problems that involve a decimal value there are several steps that we can take to improve our ability to succeed with them. The first step is to make sure that all the values are in the same format. We want to make sure every value is expressed to the same number of digits. For instance, if you come across two values such as 1.25 and 11.1, it is best to make sure you rewrite 11.1 as 11.10. It will just make it easier to work with as you take it through most of the calculations. From there everything is your standard word problem. Find the keywords that indicate how your calculations should proceed. These problems and lessons can help you find the answer to story problems that feature decimals.

Aligned Standard: 5.NBT.A.3

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Homework Sheets

Make sure to point out to students that words are in bold for a reason.

  • Homework 1 - Dennis had 12 bananas. He distributes 6 of them. Write a decimal to represent the number of bananas he still has?
  • Homework 2 - 35 out of 70 students in a school participate in a dance function. Write a decimal that represents the number of students that participate in the dance.
  • Homework 3 - If a 67.48 kg rice bag has 52.32 kg removed from it, what is the new weight of the bag?

Practice Worksheets

I tried to add a simple tip for students in each of these. Hopefully, it helps!

  • Practice 1 - 41 out 48 of students are studying a computer language. Write a decimal that represents the number of students who are not studying a computer language.
  • Practice 2 - If a 20.14 liter cold drink in a bottle has 16.74 liters removed from it, what is the new weight of the cold drink bottle?
  • Practice 3 - A good way to start any word problem is to outline what you will do. For instance, in #1, you will look for a difference that creates a fraction. Then convert a fraction to a decimal.

Math Skill Quizzes

The problems on here took me an entire day each to write, I low on creative fuel.

  • Quiz 1 - Some problems will call for units of measure on them. Don't lose sight of this. Always label units that have been provided.
  • Quiz 2 - If a 38.58 gm. milk powder container has 19.22 gm. removed from it, what is the new weight of the container?
  • Quiz 3 - When working with word problems, always make sure to write down what the problem is looking for. This way you won't get confused as you work it through.

Managing Word Problems That Include Decimal Values

Boy with Baseball and Bat

Solving word problems that include decimals can sometimes be confusing causing students to skip this chapter when they are studying some of the basic operations such as multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. Let's see a few examples and see how we can manage word problems that include decimals.

3.21 + 7.92?

The simplest method is putting the decimal point on top of each other and adding the two numbers vertically and the answer will be 11.31.The same rule is followed when doing subtracting.

Let's talk about Multiplication. 50.3 X 0.32 = ?

The answer in normal multiplication would be 16096. In order to place the decimal, it would be placed based on the number of digits present (3) after the decimal. This means that we would slide that decimal point 3 digits in that value. So, the correct answer with decimal would be 16.096.

How Do We Apply This to Word Problems?

This follows the same format; we just need to breakdown the word problem to determine our value and get it in decimal form. Let’s see how we approach this problem:

Problem: A baseball team has a ball bucket with 60 baseballs in it. 24 balls are on the field and the remaining balls are in the bucket. Write a decimal value to represent the balls in the bucket versus the total number of balls.

Solution: If there were 60 balls in the bucket and 24 balls are missing, this means that 36 balls are still in the bucket. We would write the decimal in relation to balls in bucket (36) to the total number of balls (60) or 36/60. Mathematically 36/60 is equal to 0.6.

Things to Keep in Mind When Working with Decimal Values

Decimals are a method for expressing values smaller than one in a base ten system. It helps us add a degree of precision to our work. There are a number of habits that you can get into with values that are expressed in this form that can help you work more efficiently and accurately. The most fundamental rule that you must always adhere to is take ensure that your decimal points are always lined up. When it comes to addition and subtraction this will help you complete the problem, but when working with multiplication and division it will help you understand the number of place values you need to have in your final answer. A good way to check your answers when working with values in this form of notation is to round all the values and see if the operations performed result in a value close to your solution. In many cases you will need to convert fractions into decimal form in order to get accurate calculations just remember to divide the numerator by the denominator for a simple conversion.

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