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Time Math Worksheets

Tips for Teaching Time Most of the kids find it challenging to tell time accurately. But it can be made easier by using some tips and tricks. Below we have discussed some of the tricks that can make time telling fun for your kids. Counting - Counting to 60 is the basic skill that kids need to master before they are able to tell time. Make your child write counting from 1 to 60 and practice this regularly. Once your kid has learned the counting to 60, try making them understand counting by fives. This will make time telling easier for your kid. Have your kid practice writing numbers by fives. Reinforce this exercise until your kid is able to do it without any assistance. Analog Clock - Once your child has learned counting by fives, use an analog clock to build on this concept. The digital clock might be a better instruction or teaching tool; an analog clock is a better choice in understanding the concepts of time. These clocks will test your child’s ability to count by fives. You can also build your analog clocks by using paper plates or get the print outs of analog for practicing telling time. See if I missed anything in your curriculum. There is very little in the core curriculum about this stuff.