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Elapsed Time Using Ruler Guides

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Grade 3 Measurement - 3.MD.A.1

Students learn the concept of elapsed time and how to determine it with the help of a ruler. What is Elapsed Time? You have to go to a party at 8 pm and you are supposed to go shopping with your best friend at 6 pm. But before you go for shopping you need to clean your room, do laundry and dishes. Now, will you plan how to manage these things within the given time? Or will you start getting things done, unplanned, wising that you do it all in time? The amount of time from the start of an event to its end is known as Elapsed time. To be more precise, the elapsed time can be defined as the time from one time (6 pm) to another time (8 pm) A clock is an essential tool when it comes to measuring time. Here what you need to know before you move on to calculating the time that has elapsed. - The shorter had on the clock is the hour hand. - The more extended hand on the clock is the minute hand. - We look at the hour hand first and then at minute hand to measure time. - Each number is equal to five minutes on the clock.

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It's more focused on reading times here. Make sure that you clearly understand where it started and where it ended.