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Elapsed Time Word Problems Worksheets

How do you calculate elapsed time? Elapsed time is the difference between the starting and ending times. To find the elapsed time, students need to learn how to read a clock and take a measure of time. Since, the time has not more than 60 minutes and seconds, with hours being not more than 24. Now there are different ways in which you can calculate the elapsed time and are as follows. You can think of a problem, by picturing the time on the clock and moving it by hours or minutes. For instance, 11:50 pm + 1 hour = 12:50 am; given that the day changes at 12. When you are taking out the difference, there are different things you need to consider. The most important thing is the borrowing step. In this regard, we have to be just as careful as we are during decimal subtraction. As you practice this, your skills will get better and it will seem easier for you. This series of lessons and worksheets will teach students how to determine an elapsed time with story based math problems.

Aligned Standard: 3.MD.A.1

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Homework Sheets

We start out slow with homework and then we move fast.

  • Homework 1 - Determine the elapsed time for each problem.
  • Homework 2 - Tyler got in line for his favorite ride at 11:35, and he boarded the ride at 12:25. How long was he waiting to get on the ride?
  • Homework 3 - If Jamie started jogging at 7:15 and jogged for an hour, what time did she stop jogging?
  • Homework 4 - You've had a busy weekend and want to determine how long you spent doing each activity. You know what time each event started and ended, but aren't sure how long each event took. Using the timeline, determine how long each event lasted.

Practice Worksheets

The practice sheets cover a lot of different themes and thoughts for students to contemplate.

  • Practice 1 - What is the missing time in those gaps?
  • Practice 2 - If Sarah leaves her house at 6:45 and gets to the bus stop at 7:00, how long does it take her to walk to the bus stop?
  • Practice 3 - Henry painted a picture of a tree in 25 minutes. If he started at 3:15, what time did he finish?
  • Practice 4 - Column one shows a start time. Column two shows an end time. Fill in the duration (how much time has passed between the two times) column on the chart.

Math Skill Quizzes

The first quiz you will run into a lot of time in real life. This is especially true if you live in a major city.

  • Quiz 1 - James left his house for the train station at 1:30. If he arrived at the station at 3:05, how long did it take him to get to the station?
  • Quiz 2 - Manny and Joe started sailing their boats in the pond at 3:10 and decided to go home at 7:55. How long were they sailing their boats?
  • Quiz 3 - Daniel wen to the zoo for the day. He arrived at 9:30 and left at 5:45. How much time did he spend at the zoo?

How Is This Skill Used in The Real World?


This skill has a ton of application in the real world. Understanding the duration of time is critical in many medical aspects of recovery and therapy. Doctors often build a recovery timeline for their patients. If you were every injured or have been really sick, you would know this for instance. I played high school and college softball. I had the toughest position in terms of stress on the knee. I was a catcher. On the typical day, I would crouch over a thousand times. Having a career that spanned well over fifteen years, physicians estimate that I crouched well over a million times. As a result, I had to have my right knee replaced through surgery. After surgery I had a two-day hospital stay. My physician gave me a recovery timeline that indicated what activities I should be able to do at each stage. It was based on days. I was told to stay immobile for ten days, followed by ten days of light walking, every ten to twelve days I was able to do a little more. Guess how I calculate what day my level activity expanded? You guessed it. I also had eight weeks of physical therapy. I would perform strengthening exercises and have therapy performed on my knee. Each exercise or therapy session was based on ten to fifteen-minute increments. Every time I attended a session, it was an elapsed time word problem to determine when my session was complete, and I could head home or call form a ride.

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