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Time Word Problems Worksheets

This is one of those math topics that we all will master at one point; I can assure you. Do you know how many jobs that I had as young person that I despised? I would spend all day, when I was not working, calculating how long until I had to go to work. When I was at work, I would spend every free second, I had calculating how long until I could go home. The word problems that we present you with will be fun and engaging, in most cases. You will learn to stretch the concept of time in many different directions. This selection of lessons and worksheets helps students learn how to breakdown and make sense of story-based math problems that include an aspect of time within them.

Aligned Standard: 3.MD.A.1

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Homework Sheets

I had to rewrite number 3 several times. The wording was just not there.

  • Homework 1 - Jerry has to get the cake from the bakery to the wedding hall. The drive will take him 1 hour and 20 minutes. If the cake needs to be there by 4:15, what time must he leave by?
  • Homework 2 - Kyle is able to build a new patio at the rate of 1 square foot per 10 minutes. How long will it take Kyle to finish a 15 x 20 foot patio?
  • Homework 3 - Dave is one of the best mechanics in town. Below you will see a time table of how long it takes Dave to make certain repairs. Answer the questions below based on the time table.

Practice Worksheets

The practice problems should be fun for kids, assuming they know their math.

  • Practice 1 - Tara goes to the pool at 2 p.m. She swims for an hour and 25 minutes then she walks home. It takes her 10 minutes. What time did she return home?
  • Practice 2 - Jerry goes to the beach at 3 o'clock, and he makes 5 sand castles. It took him 25 minutes to create each sand castle. What time was he done?
  • Practice 3 - Ned runs the Nerd Hut. They fix all kinds of computer problems. They charge $40 an hour to make repairs or software adjustments. You can see a list of the most common repairs and tweaks they make. It also shows you how long each task takes.

Math Skill Quizzes

See if the timeline in number 1 is helpful.

  • Quiz 1 - A workable parachute was invented in 1783 by Jean Pierre Blanchard. If the year is 2015, how old is the invention of the parachute?
  • Quiz 2 - Jeff can install 50 shingles every hour. He got to the job site at 7 a.m. this morning and installed 400 shingles. What time was he done?

Things to Consider When Solving Time Word Problems

A Thought By a Teacher

When you are tackling word problems that have involve measures of time there are some things you should get in the habit of doing to have a greater chance of success. It begins with noting what each time denotes. I often see students write down times and perform operations between those times, but they neglect to indicate what events occurred at those times. This is often why they choose the wrong operation to perform between them. Another major problem that I see when students are performing these types of problems is that they do not clearly separate units of time. For instance, if a time value consist of 4 minutes and 22 seconds, they do not clearly indicate the separation between minutes and seconds. Get in the habit of doing that and it will make these problems much easier to take head on.

What is the Meaning of AM and PM in Time?

Aren't clocks useful? They help you tell time! Whether you need to understand how much time is needed for you to complete your homework, or how much time is needed for you to finish lunch, being able to tell time is very important. When we are talking about what time of the day it is, we usually say its 3 pm or 8 am. But do you ever wonder what this am and pm means? Let's find out!

Today, the clocks that we use divide the day into 12-hour time increments. Why is that? Because the number of hours in a day is 24 and thus, can be divided further into 12 hours. Isn't that odd? Because our clocks show time enough only for one of the 12-hour period. Hence, to solve this problem, two portions of 12 hours are shown on the analog by using the AM and PM suffixes.

The word AM. is Latin for Ante Meridiem, which means before noon. The term PM is Latin for Post Meridiam, which means after noon. This is how the 12-hour increments are displayed in the same analog.

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