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Monthly Calendar Worksheets

This section of our site helps students how to use these tools to their advantage. They spend most of their time interpreting monthly calendars that were created by or for other people. We do advance on writing their own individual calendars. This is a huge step towards helping them learn to manage their time and take advantage of what opportunities are available to them. These worksheets and lessons help students fully comprehend how to use and manipulate a monthly calendar to their advantage.

Aligned Standard: 3.MD.A.1

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Homework Sheets

I always thought these types of sheets would be great for any age.

  • Homework 1 - September has 30 days. The first event takes place on a Friday and is marked on your calendar already. Your mom has a list of 10 events that you have in September.
  • Homework 2 - Here is a look at your calendar for the month. Answer the question below based on this calendar.
  • Homework 3 - Ted is all mixed up. He found that he made 10 mistakes (10 boxes) on his monthly calendar. See if you can spot the 10 places that Ted made mistakes on his calendar.

Practice Worksheets

I never saw worksheets like these before, I'm surprised it's a very important skill.

  • Practice 1 - Parent meeting are on what day of the week?
  • Practice 2 - You have a very busy October. The 3rd of the month you have arts and crafts fair. The arts and crafts fair is on a Wednesday.
  • Practice 3 - How many Sundays are there? And on what dates?

What Are Monthly Calendars?

January Calendar

Have you ever wondered how we can keep track of the dates, the days, months, or the upcoming events? There must be something that we use, right? That collection of dates is known as a calendar! Yes, the same calendar you use to mark which day your big presentation is or when your dentist appointment is scheduled. But what is it actually? Let's take a look!

A system for the organization of religious, social, commercial, or administrative purposes is known as a calendar. This system is organized by giving names to periods of time, popularly called days, weeks, months, and years. Whenever the date and day are organized as per the month, the calendar is known as a monthly calendar. If the calendar is arranged by January, it will be known as "The Calendar for January." Each monthly calendar comes with the days, dates, social, and religious events marked on it. And it also has space for you to mark your own important events!

What is the Best Approach to Using a Monthly Calendar?

When students first are introduced to this tool, they tend to go a bit overboard and that can be a great or complete disaster for them. Here a couple of habits and tendencies that we encourage you to share with your students.

Use a Single Calendar for Everything - Students will see this and immediately think that more is better. They will begin to maintain a calendar for school, another one for their activities, and even another on for social life. This simply because cumbersome and unattainable. If they need more room to write, encourage them to get a larger calendar. If there simply is not enough room regularly, consider moving to a weekly calendar that provides you a great more of space to write things down.

Decide What Is Important - If you have a daily routine and are doing the same thing each and every day, at a certain point in the day, why waste the space? It makes sense for you to define what the unique instances, projects, or events should necessarily make it on to your calendar.

Weekly Notes Page - I find that having space available to list goals or substantial events to be invaluable for most students. This usually comes at the expense of the listed weekend dates.

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