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Days of the Week Worksheets

As teachers, we rarely get the opportunity to work with students on things that are as impactful and important to just about everything they do in their future as this topic does. This not only helps them understand when an event they are looking forward takes place, but it is also their first time working with a unit of measurement. We often forget that a day is a unit of time. It not only represents the amount of time it takes the planet Earth to make a complete rotation on its axis, but it is also each to 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds. These worksheets help students learn the names of the days and the pattern of the days of the week.

Aligned Standard: K.CC.A.2

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Lesson Sheets

I think it is better to have a calendar handy when first working on these. You can find one in the lesson material.

  • Lesson 1 - Everything fits that pattern except for "Thursday." Wednesday should be the next day.
  • Lesson 2 - They repeat in this pattern. Tuesday is the missing day.
  • Guided Lesson 1 - Write the day that comes before and after Saturday.
  • Guided Lesson 2 - For each of the problems below, look at the order of weekdays. Is the order correct? If it is wrong, write the correct order. Underline the day that you correct.
  • Guided Lesson 3 - How many Fridays are there on the calendar?

Practice Worksheets

Each of these practice worksheets looks at days of the week from a different angle.

  • Practice 1 - Circle the day that does not come after the day before it.
  • Practice 2 - Write the days that are missing.
  • Practice 3 - Draw lines from left to right to connect the correct answers.

Math Skill Quizzes

I'm really proud of this quiz. It was featured at an assessment workshop last month.

  • Quiz 1 - Is this order of days correct?

How to Teach the Days of the Week

Days Calendar

Making your child learn the days of the week helps them in understanding the concept of time and dates. The time unit of days are one of the first units of measurement that are exposed to. Eventually know the names of them and they sequence in which they follow will be fundamental to their existence and shape a good amount of what they do with their day. It will help them understand when the fun times of the week are coming and when it is time to work. When we set goals or deadlines dates are the most common variable that they are focused on.

You can easily practice the days of the week by allotting a calendar time in your routine. Singing and making worksheets related to days of the week brings a fun factor to learning days of the week. Here, we have elaborated on a few tips to help your child learn days of the week.

Calendar Time - Buy a calendar and use it to make your child learn the days of the week. You can make a calendar yourself too. Draw a grid with 31 boxes and label them according to the days and dates of months. You can also let your child help you with drawing a calendar. Allow them to help you in properly labeling and decorating the calendar. Once you have the calendar ready, place it where your child can see it many times a day. Devote 10-15 minutes of calendar time every day. Repetition of days of the week will help your child grasp the concept more quickly.

Play or Sing Songs About Days of The Week - Playing or singing a song is a fun way to learn about the days of the week. There are many songs related to the days of the week, select one song that will keep your child interested. Keep your child interested by making hand gestures along with the song. These songs are helpful if you aren't able to maintain a routine for calendar time.

Practice Worksheets - If you have an older child, you can provide them with age-appropriate worksheets for learning days of the week. You can come up with different ideas for these worksheets. Some involve writing down the days of the week and others involve cutting out the days and arranging them in the correct sequence.

Encourage Family Involvement - If you can get parents on your side this skill will be a breeze. I found it really helpful to send students home with a day of the week poster that they can post on their fridge at home. To encourage parents to use it, I have students color and create their own drawings for each day of the week. Make sure that they make a unique drawing for each of the seven days. This almost guilts most parents into posting them on the fridge. I find that if you can get families to do this for just three weeks, students grasp it for a long time. You will also have those families that will not only use this through all of Preschool, but even Kindergarten too. Those families are rare, believe me though, they are out there!

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