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Estimation Worksheets

Tips for Teaching What an Estimate Is

Estimation is one of the essential mathematical skills. It is better that you start teaching estimation to your children at a young age so that they able to refine this skill as they grow up. There is no doubt that young children will struggle to grasp the concepts. But we have compiled and explained some of the fun ways that will be useful in teaching your kids about estimation. Real Life Examples - Real-life examples are the easiest and the most efficient ways to explain the concepts of estimation to your children. You might want to play guesswork with your children. You can ask your children about how much your grocery bill will be or how much distance traveled from one place to another. Flashcards - Flashcards are one of the best ways to reinforce the concepts. Show flashcards with different pictures and objects on them and ask your children to estimate the number of different objects. Repeat this fun game until your children have grasped the estimation concept. Visual Games - Young kids have a difficult time with visually separating things and focusing on one thing. But you can enhance this skill in a fun way. Spread some balls of different colors, for example red, blue and green. Ask your children to focus on the blue ones while ignoring the green and red ones. These worksheets start out very basic with just objects. As we progress through creating more material this will cover difficult forms of estimation. We are currently working on more conceptual problems like estimation based word problems.