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Front-End Estimation of Sums and Differences

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 3 Operations - 3.OA.D.8

What is Front-End Estimation? Rounding off is one of those techniques that makes complicated mathematical problems simple and easy to solve. When there are too many numbers to deal with, a lot of people prefer rounding off complicated numbers to make things less complex for them. The only problem with rounding off numbers is that the final result that we get an approximate answer and not the exact answer. To take the final result close to the exact answer, we can use a number of different techniques. One common technique that students may use for estimation of problems where they have rounded off the numbers is front end estimation. It is a form of estimation that generates the final answer that is close to the estimation of the sum or difference. Add the digits that are at the highest place value in all the numbers that you are dealing with For the rest of digits, you replace them with zeros This selection of worksheets and lessons help students get an idea of the final value of a subtraction or addition problem.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

A really good mix of challenges can be found here for you.

  • Homework 1 - Front-end estimation only uses the number in the left column.
  • Homework 2 - The friendly fish twins are starving. Estimate each sum or difference by rounding to the nearest tens or hundreds and draw a line from the fish food to the correct hungry fish.
  • Homework 3 - You can estimate by using front‐end estimation with and without adjusting.

Practice Worksheets

Practice sheets two and three are very unique for this topic. Give them a try!

  • Practice 1 - If you are working with a 2 digit number, you will round to the nearest tens place.
  • Practice 2 - Clustering can be used when the numbers are close to each other.
  • Practice 3 - Use estimation to find the sum of each block. If the answer is 90 color the block red, if the answer Is 100 color the block blue, if the answer is 110 color the block yellow

Math Skill Quizzes

This are very standard quiz formats to work with.

  • Quiz 1 - If you are working with a 3 digit number, you will round to the nearest hundreds.
  • Quiz 2 - Use Front‐end Estimation to find answer.