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Area and Perimeter Worksheets

Area and perimeter are essential when it comes to dealing with mathematics. Such that they can be applied to any shape, both irregular and regular. Let us discuss the definition of area and perimeter, respectively. Area - The area consists of a measure of the space occupied by an object. For instance, your house has a fenced yard, and the covered space is the lawn within the fence. The area is calculated in squares. In other words, if the length and width of the yard are 50ft, then the area covered by the lawn is 50 x 50 = 2500 sq. Feet of greenery. Perimeter - However, in the same yard, we calculate the length of the fence covered in the entire lawn. There are four corners, and each corner has a length of 50ft. Then we can calculate the perimeter as 50 + 50 + 50 + 50 = 200 ft. We work on finding the area of many simple figures. We later advance to using our critical thinking skills to find the area of odd shaped figures. Students usually find that area problems very challenging and perimeter problems are a bit more easy.

Why Do These Measures Matter in the Real World?

A Home

They are significant measures that deal with the physical aspects of measurement. In this topic we have focused on regular shapes. We will advance on to understand how to define these calculations on irregular geometric shapes. It all begins by breaking up shapes into things that we can clearly define. Architects, engineers, and any form of construction relies on these measures daily. People with jobs in those understand that these measures cost money and it is crucial to make sure your math is correct. While it is okay to get one problem wrong in math class, an inaccurate calculation for people in those industries can be a complete catastrophe and cost money and in some cases safety.

There are so many different walks of life where these two measures are critical. In home construction and sales these measures determine pretty much everything. How much time it will take to build? The larger the area, the longer it takes. How much the home will be worth? The larger the home, the greater the cost. How many materials will be needed to create a fence around the property? That would entirely depend on the dimensions of the perimeter of the land.

Perimeter is a measure that focuses more on an outline or outside of the object. When we are concerned about borders and the outside of anything, we are concerned with this measure. Due to this that measure is solely focused on two-dimensional space. To determine this measure, we simply add the distance of all the sides. It all about the operation of addition. I like to tell students that we are concentrating on determine the measure of the rim of the object. In the sense of a room of a home or classroom it is all about the length of the walls.

Area is all about determine the space found inside the object. The method that we use to calculate this will vary by the shape of the object. We often begin working with rectangles where we simply need to multiply the width and the height. This is a great place to begin. This concept can extend on to all quadrilaterals (four-sided objects). When we move to squares, all the sides are the same length, so we multiply any of the two sides together. It gets more complicated when we move on to triangles and even more so when we work with circles.

Needless to say, it is an important measure that dictates the entire economy and market around home construction. This also has huge application in land development and forming land so that you can construct anything on it. When it comes to fencing or securing areas the measure of perimeter is crucial for making sure you have enough materials and putting everything together. Anything that you are concerned with the outer walls this is a seriously useful measure. When we want to better understand the space inside those boundaries we shift to the other measure.

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