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Area and Perimeter Worksheets

Area and perimeter are essential when it comes to dealing with mathematics. Such that they can be applied to any shape, both irregular and regular. Let us discuss the definition of area and perimeter, respectively. Area - The area consists of a measure of the space occupied by an object. For instance, your house has a fenced yard, and the covered space is the lawn within the fence. The area is calculated in squares. In other words, if the length and width of the yard are 50ft, then the area covered by the lawn is 50 x 50 = 2500 sq. Feet of greenery. Perimeter - However, in the same yard, we calculate the length of the fence covered in the entire lawn. There are four corners, and each corner has a length of 50ft. Then we can calculate the perimeter as 50 + 50 + 50 + 50 = 200 ft. We work on finding the area of many simple figures. We later advance to using our critical thinking skills to find the area of odd shaped figures. Students usually find that area problems very challenging and perimeter problems are a bit more easy.

When Do These Measures Matter in the Real World?

There are so many different places these two measures are critical. In home construction and sales these measures determine pretty much everything. How much time it will take to build? How much the home will be worth? How many materials will be needed to create this structure? Needless to say, it is an important measure that dictates the entire economy and market around home construction. This also has huge application in land development and forming land so that you can construct anything on it. When it comes to fencing or securing areas the measure of perimeter is crucial for making sure you have enough materials and putting everything together. Anything that you are concerned with the outer walls this is a seriously useful measure.