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Recognize Area Word Problems Worksheets

How to Recognize that a Word Problem is Looking For a Measure of Area - Understanding word problems to find out the area of different shapes is important because you will come across similar problems regularly from now on. However, to confirm that the word problem is searching for an area of shapes, you need to understand some important things. If these important things are present there, then you will be confirmed that your teacher is asking you to calculate areas. - If the length and breadth of a shape are given, then either you are asked to calculate the area or the perimeter of that shape. - When you are asked to calculate the boundary fence, then you will also be provided with the length and breadth of the field. The calculation of boundary fence means that you are being asked to find out the area of the field. - If the teacher asks you how much space the floor of your home covers, then you have to calculate its area with the help of its length and breadth. Don't forget, to understand areas; you first need to figure out which shape you want to calculate the area for.Students determine when the need to calculate area and how to find that in word problems.

Aligned Standard: Grade 3 Measurement - 3.MD.5

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Homework Sheets

Estimate area, partition shapes, and use the concept of half area.

Practice Worksheets

Coloring in the blank area really helps kids get it quicker.

  • Practice 1-Color in the figures to display 8 square units of area.
  • Practice 2- Area = ____ square units.

Math Skill Quizzes

Following the shaded area is a really neat task to set students off on.

  • Quiz 1- A rectangle is has an area of 48 square units. What is a possible set of lengths for the two sides?
  • Quiz 2- How many square units are the shaded figures?
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