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Understanding Visual Fractions

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Aligned To Common Core Standard:

Grade 3 Fractions - 3.NF.1

What Are Visual Fractions? - Without any doubt, we remember the things more that we see, or we remember them for the longest time. It becomes easier for us to comprehend things when they are in front of our eyes. Maybe that 's why visual effects are given importance when it comes to grabbing the attention of a reader or viewer. In mathematics, probably the hardest to comprehend are fractions. Are you nodding your head in, yes? Then let 's jump into making fractions easier for you to understand. To understand them and solve them quickly, there is a term known as 'Visual Fractions' that can help you understand a complex part of the whole. Representing it with a picture is known as a visual fraction. For example, 3/4 of a pizza is eaten. How will you express it? It is how you will represent the eaten area one of the pizza visually. The representation helps in a better understanding of what is going on, and hence, adding or subtracting in these values becomes easy. With these worksheets students are able to see through images what a fraction actually represents.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

Parts of wholes, naming fractions, and a neat take on sentences to fractions.

  • Homework 1- Color the shapes to represent the fractions listed below.
  • Homework 2- Name the fraction that is shown.
  • Homework 3- Jerry ordered food for several classes. Mr. Adams had 5 sandwiches. Mrs. Jones had 9 sandwiches. Ms. Kylie has 6 sandwiches. Which teacher ordered the greatest share of the sandwiches? Write a fraction to represent their share.

Practice Worksheets

The first two have you color in a fraction and the last one asks you to interpret the color pattern.

  • Practice 1- Color each shape as indicated by the fraction.
  • Practice 2- Color the shapes to show each fraction.
  • Practice 3- Name the fraction represented by the model.

Math Skill Quizzes

The first quiz covers every skill for the standard. The second quiz just focuses on drawing fractions.

  • Quiz 1- Jessica, Sally, and Pepper have to sell a full book of raffle tickets. Jessica sells 12 raffle tickets. Sally sells 8 raffle tickets. Pepper sells 10 raffle tickets. They still have 5 raffle tickets left to sell.
  • Quiz 2- Color the models to represent the given fractions.