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Vector Worksheets

What are Vectors? Vectors is a term in science that denotes anything that has a magnitude as well as a direction. The right way to represent a vector is to draw it as a pointed arrow. The length of the arrow is the magnitude and the arrowhead points in the direction. The most basic approach to add two vectors is to join one’s head to the tail of the other vector. The addition of two vectors obeys the commutative property which means that no matter in which order you add the vectors, the result will be the same. We use the Pythagora's theorem to calculate the magnitude of a vector. A vector that has a magnitude 1 is called a unit vector. When you multiply two vectors, you always get a vector. The product of two vectors is called a cross product. The order in which you multiply two vectors is very important as; A × B ≠ B × A The application of vectors in today's world is endless. They can help understand and chart very complex systems.