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5th Grade Math Posters

Lilly Pad Frog Hop Preview

Why not post some great concept reminders in your classroom today! Every standard is covered here to make it simple. Remember that many teachers evaluations have a class presentation section. These definitely will help you there. How Math Posters Help Students - Solving math problems is very difficult to solve when we don't have inspiration to do them. Many people use creative ways to solve these problems in a fun way. Posters are one of those creative ways. We can decorate our classroom by preparing posters of favorite topics by adding colorful pictures to the problems. Some of the poster ideas are listed down below. - We can encourage the students to be mathematicians for a day and see them explore topics like they invented them. - We can further include colorful posters that uses different shapes to create various pictures to give them the concept of angles and geometrical shapes. - By using large flash posters, we can make them understand the concepts of arithmetic operations by the PEMDAS rule. - On the ceiling, we can paste posters that make the students visualize common squared and cube values of few natural numbers. - We can use a similar method for making the students understand the concept of prime numbers. - To top it off, we can make creative posters of quotes from famous mathematicians for encouraging students further.

5th Grade Operations and Pre-Algebra Posters

Parentheses, Brackets, and Braces in Math Expressions - 5.OA.1

2-Step Order of Operations - 5.OA.1

  • In Steps - Pardon Ellie Mae's Dancing At Sunset.

3-Step Order of Operations - 5.OA.1

4-Step Order of Operations - 5.OA.1

  • Leaping into 4 Steps - Remember that multiplication and division are interchangable. Solve either the multiplication or division that appears first when reading from left to right.

Simple Expressions That Record Calculations - 5.OA.2

  • Simple Expressions - Chatty McBlabber is very talkative. Her world revolves around words! She even takes math expressions and turns them into phrases.

  • Super Transformations - The transformation from normal man to math man occurs when number expressions are converted into words.

Generating Math Patterns From Rules - 5.OA.3

  • Robotic Rules - The Math Generating Machine gives you important tips on solving math patterns using a rule!

  • King of All Rules - King Graph says that finding math patterns is easy if you know how to use the rules.

Numbers and Base Ten Posters

Place Values and Ten Times Differences - 5.NBT.1

  • Egyptian Place Value - The numbers to the left of a decimal you add a zero for every place value that you travel between the numbers.

Patterns in Products with Many Zeros - 5.NBT.2

  • Lots of Zeroes - Dividing decimals by numbers with a lot of zeroes move the decimals point to the left one place for every zero in the divisor.

  • Pattern Power - The exponent tells you how many places to right of decimals there will be.

Decimals in Numeric, Word, and Expanded Form - 5.NBT.3

  • Forms of Numbers - Writing a number in expanded form shows each digits place value.

Writing and Recognizing Decimals in Expanded Form - 5.NBT.3

  • Like an Opera Singer - When changing decimals to expanded form just name the place value where each number is found.

  • Starstruck - To convert a number from expanded form to a decimal shrink it.

Visualizing Decimals - 5.NBT.3

  • Look Closely - You can visualize decimals by coloring a figure to understand the value of the decimal.

  • Spotting The Decimal - In this figure there are a total of 10 units. Six of those units are colored.

Compare Two Decimals To Thousandths - 5.NBT.3

  • Bubbly Rules - Viewing two numbers to determine if the numbers are the same or which one is larger!

  • Pointing Out Places - When you arrive at a number that is different, then determine which number is larger.

Conversion Between Decimals, Fractions, Percentages - 5.NBT.A.3

Decimal Word Problems - 5.NBT.A.3

Place Value: Understanding How to Round Decimals - 5.NBT.4

  • Basketball - If the number to the right is 5 or greater round up, if the number is 4 or less the number stays the same.
  • Penguin On Thin Ice - Underline the digit that will be rounded.

Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers - 5.NBT.5

  • Three Moose Steps - Multiply the ones place by both numbers from right to left.
  • Steps of a Rock Star - You must add a zero before multiplying the bottom numbers tens place by the tops numbers ones place then multiply.

Multiplication 3 by 4 Digit (In Grid) - 5.NBT.5

  • Grid Clouds - Using a grid to solve multiplication makes it easy.
  • Gator Trot - Add all the results with the zeroes to find the answer.

Multiplication 3 by 4 Digit (In Grid) - 5.NBT.5

Practicing Long Division - 5.NBT.6

  • Choo Choo Train - Follow these steps to solve the long division problem.
  • Underwater Submarine - Determine which is the first number "29" can be divided into. The first number in this problem is "185".

Decimal Division - 5.NBT.B.6

  • Moving Day - When you are following the steps of long division and are left with a remainder, follow these steps to convert to a decimal format.
  • Scoops of Ice Cream - Follow these steps to solve division problems that result in a decimal quotient.

Division of Large Numbers - 5.NBT.B.6

  • Elephant Tests - Dividing large numbers does not have to be hard if you break the dividend into parts.
  • Fire Breathing - Don't let large number division scare you! Take small steps in solving long division problems.

Basic Operations with Decimals - 5.NBT.7

  • Dolphin Bubbles - Simply add the numbers together and bring the decimal straight down.
  • Drill Sergeant - Move the decimal as many places as needed to make the divisor a whole number.

Addition Puzzles - 5.NBT.7

  • Puzzle Piece - Solve for the top row. This displays the process and routine you should get into.
  • Cavemen Rock - Add the horizontal rows this works out an example for you in steps.

Decimal Multiplication - 5.NBT.7

  • Up and Away! - Line the decimal up and multiply each of the numbers on the bottom by each of the numbers on the top.
  • Surfing Lizard - When multiplying decimals treat the numbers as whole numbers.

Decimal Subtraction - 5.NBT.7

  • Paratroopers - Bring the decimal straight down in your answer.
  • Tools For Everything - Build the problem by placing the numbers on top of each other with the decimals aligned.

Decimal Subtraction - 5.NBT.7

  • King of the Sea - Once you have determined what place you are to round to you look at the number to the right.
  • Estimation Surgery - Find the exact answer and compare it to the estimated answer.

Numbers and Fractions Posters

Add and Subtract Unlike Mixed Numbers - 5.NF.1

  • The Wise Owl - Follow these steps to solve unlike mixed numbers.
  • Inch It Along! - Remember that you can't perform the operations until you have like denominators.

Estimating Sums and Differences with Fractions - 5.NF.1

  • Putting Out Fires - To estimate mixed numbers to the nearest whole number follow these rules.
  • The Farmer's Way - When estimating mixed numbers look at the fraction part of the mixed numbers.

Fraction Multiplication (Unlike Denominators) - 5.NF.1

  • It's a Zoo - You should follow the same steps whether you are multiplying like denominators or unlike denominators.
  • The Chicken Crossed The Road - Multiplying fractions is simple. Multiply the numerators by each other. Then multiply the denominators by each other.

Addition and Subtraction Between Whole Numbers And Mixed Numbers - 5.NF.1

  • The Genie - Once you have converted the whole number to a mix number vertically align both numbers and subtract.
  • Floating Butterfly - Rewrite the whole number as a mixed number when you are subtracting a whole number and a mixed number.

Adding and Subtracting Decimals and Fractions - 5.NF.A.1

  • Switching It Around - Since the rules of order of operations states that adding & subtracting have the same priority you perform the operations from left to right.
  • Bowling Fractions and Decimals - We work in the concept of even operations and how to work with them.

Addition & Subtraction Fraction Word Problems - 5.NF.2

  • Lemonade Stand - Read the word problem to determine what operation needs to be used to solve the problem.
  • Cloudy Word Problems - Highlight the important information that will be needed to solve the problem.

Interpretation of Fractions - 5.NF.3

  • Read All About It - What fraction of the balls are footballs?
  • Hugging Hearts - The object that is stated in the question will be the numerator. Count the number of objects represented and place that number over your denominator.

Dividing Fractions with Unlike Denominators - 5.NF.B.3

  • Falling Out Of The Coaster - Then multiply the numerators by each other and the denominators by each other.
  • Trapeze - Once you have found the reciprocal multiply the numerators and the denominators.

Products of Whole Numbers & Fractions - 5.NF.4

  • Parts of Wholes - To find the product of a whole number and a fraction you must 1st make the whole number a fraction.
  • Carrot Karate - The total number of shaded blocks in the model represents the numerator of the answer to your problem.

Comparing the Size of Fractional Products - 5.NF.5

  • Bubble Popping - Three boys buy a package of bubble gum. The package has 16 pieces of gum.
  • Tennis Anyone - Simply count the blocks and you will have the answer.

Products of Top Heavy Fractions and Integers - 5.NF.5

  • Heavy Lifting - To calculate the Product of Top Heavy Fractions and Integers follow these steps.
  • King Kong - Finally simplify your answer to the lowest terms by dividing the denominator into the numerator.

Products of Fractions and Mixed Numbers Word Problems - 5.NF.6

  • Baking Cupcakes - Debbie baked 18 cupcakes for her friends on Tuesday. She baked 5/6 as many on Friday. How many cupcakes did Debbie bake on Friday?
  • Goldfish Bowl - How many fish will Kelvin's tank hold? You can't have fractional fish.

Word Problems with Fraction Division - 5.NF.7

Dividing Mixed Numbers (As Improper Fractions) - 5.NF.B.7b

  • Breakfast - Now follow the rules of multiplying fractions by multiplying the numerators and the denominators straight across.
  • Tumbling - Change the problem from division to multiplication by finding the reciprocal (flipping) the divisor.

Division of Fractions by a Whole Number Word Problems - 5.NF.7

  • The Peterson Farm - Every day, the Peterson farm uses 2 bags of goat food to feed the goats. For how many days will 1/4 of a bag of goat food last?
  • Hot Dogs and Ketchup - Gather information from the problem to determine what is being asked of you to solve the problem.

Division of Whole Numbers by Fractions Word Problems - 5.NF.7

  • Cough Syrup - The Bradford triplets are sick. Their mother divided 1/2 of a bottle of medicine equally among the 3 boys. How much did she give each sick boy get?
  • Brick Layers - Bricklayers used 1/4 of a pallet of bricks to build 6 steps leading up to the house. Each step they built was the same size. How many pallets did they use for each step?

Fraction Operations Review - 5.NF.A.1 - 7

  • Fishy Operations - When you are adding fractions with like denominators add the numerators together. Keep the denominator.
  • Four Leaf Clover - When you are adding fractions with like denominators, add the numerators together.

Measurement and Data

    Converting Standard Sized Units of Measurement - 5.MD.1
  • Scale Al The Units - Common conversions to keep in mind.
  • Unit Rapid Fire - If you are going from smaller units to larger units divide.
  • Unit Switching - If you are going from larger units to smaller units multiply.
  • Chameleons - 21,120 feet = _____ miles _____ yards

Line Plots That Display Data - 5.MD.2

The Volume of Solid Figures - 5.MD.3

  • Rubix Cubes - Volume of a cube is the area the cube takes up.
  • Safe Cracking - To unlock the combination of finding the volume of solid figures we must remember the volume is the total area the object takes up.

Units of Volume - 5.MD.C.3

  • Blending It Up - To think in terms of units of volume if there are more than one unit you need to think in terms of the smaller unit.
  • Liquid Units - When working a unit of volume problem think in terms of the smallest unit.

Converting Units of Capacity Problems - 5.MD.C.3b

Measuring Volume with Unit Cubes - 5.MD.4

  • Blocky - If each block is the same size then we use our formula to determine the size of the larger object.
  • L x W X H - To find the volume of the large figure simply find the volume of the smaller block and multiply it by the number of blocks.

Cubic Volume: Multiplication Relationships - 5.MD.5


Using Coordinate Graphs - 5.G.1

  • Spider Web - A coordinate graph is not a sticky situation. To plot points just look at the numbers and count to where you need to be.
  • Music Flows - The first number tells us left or right. If it's a positive number, move right. If it's a negative number, move left.

Graphing Real World Math Problems- 5.G.2

  • Buried Treasure Map - How far away from the school will Meg and her friends be when they get to the treasure?
  • Circle The Wagon - If both points are known count from the starting point along the x- axis over to the point where the 2nd point is located on the x-axis, then count up on the y-axis to where the final point is located.

The Attributes of Two-dimensional Figures - 5.G.3

  • Box It Up - The common four-sided shapes and their features: squares, rectangles, parallelograms, and rhombus.
  • Shapes and Their Definitions - Displaying like sides and how they are all related together.

Classify Two-dimensional Figures - 5.G.4

  • Classify Two - Some shapes can be defined as multiple shapes.
  • Sharky Shapes - When determining what shapes are described look at all the available information and remember some shapes can have multiple names.

Classify and Identify Regular Polygons - 5.G.4

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