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Converting Standard Sized Units of Measurement

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Grade 5 Measurement and Data - 5.MD.1

What Are Standard Sized Units of Measurement? Units of measurement are important as they provide standards of measuring two same things in different quantities. Measurement is a process where numbers are used for describing any physical quantity. Here are some of the standard units of measurement which can help us dictate how heavy, long, warm, or big something is. For example: The unit of length (distance) is meter symbolized with m The unit of mass (weight) is gram symbolized with g The unit of capacity (volume) is liter symbolized with L The unit of temperature is degrees Celsius symbolized with C It is important to note that the abbreviations are not followed by a period. Another thing to be noted here is that none of the letters have been in capital letters except for the liter. In the metric system, the basic units are turned into smaller or larger measurements by using some type of prefix which carries specific meaning.

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We balance practice between metric and U.S. Standard units here.

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I'm hoping that you covered gradians and degrees with your students. I did see that on a national exam, you never know.