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Solve for the Unknown (Using Logarithms) Problems

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High School Functions - HSF-LE.A.4

How to Solve for the Unknown (Using Logarithms)? There are various applications of logarithmic functions. One of the most common applications is that it can be used to solve exponential functions for unknown values. The situation where you cannot write exponents with a common base to solve for unknown, you need to use logarithms. Example: 2(x+2) = 3X Step 1: Apply Log with base 10 (ln⁡x) on both sides of the equation: ln ⁡2x+2 = ln 3x Step 2: Apply Logarithmic rules to the new equation: (x+2) ln ⁡2 = x ln ⁡3 | x ln 2 + 2 ln 2 = x ln 3 Step 3: Place the like-terms together: x ln 2 - x ln3 = -2 ln 2 Step 4: Take the unknown value common: x(ln2 -ln3)= -2 ln2 Now, apply logarithmic rules here; xln (2/3) = -2 ln2 x = ⁡ -2 ln2 / ln 2/3 This is how you can solve an exponential function with an unknown value using logarithmic functions. Students learn how to solve portions of logarithms using basic algebraic approaches.

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