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Complex Number System Worksheets

What are Complex Number Systems?
Complex numbers are one of the building blocks of advanced mathematics and are widely used in algebra. These numbers can be used in solving problems in real life, especially in electromagnetism and electronics. Complex numbers are made up of two parts - an imaginary number and a real number. The standard form of a complex number is written as 'a + bi', with 'a' being the real part and 'bi' being the imaginary part. In these systems either part can be equal to zero. Therefore, any imaginary or real number is considered as a complex number system. The value doesn't technically signify the intricacy of the system. It means that two types of numbers come together to form a complex. In these system, any tangible value such as integers, fractions, or countable numbers that can be graphed on the horizontal number line is considered as a real number. Imaginary numbers are more abstract concepts that are employed when the square root of a negative number is needed. Complex numbers can also be plotted on the two-dimensional plane by plotting an imaginary number on the vertical axis and real numbers on the horizontal axis. the complex number can be denoted by points (a,b).