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Interpreting Slope and Rate of Change In Context

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High School Statistics - HSS-ID.C.7

How to Determine the Rate of Change from a Graph - We can use the graph to visually represent the values in a data set, which helps us in identifying the different patterns and trends in it. We can calculate the mid-points of a line and even determine the equation that represents a data set. Moreover, we can even use a graph to find the distance between two points. We can use a graph to determine the rate of change from a graph. The rate of change that we generally refer to as the slope can be determined using the ratio between rise and run. You have to divide the change in the vertical values by the change in the horizontal values. The formula for the rate of change using a graph is given by; m=((y2 - y1))/((x2 - x1)). These worksheets help students understand the meaning of rate of change in the terms of what they are trying to evaluate.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

Homework Sheets

We try to form the problems in many different ways with this one.

  • Homework 1 - Andy had 7 liters of water in his jug. He was making ice tea at the rate of 4 liters of ice tea in 3 hours. He had 3 liters of water left. How much water does Andy use each hour?
  • Homework 2 - Max is charged $70 and an additional $0.20 per mile for the car that he rented. Represent the cost of car if it was driven 80 miles with an equation.
  • Homework 3 - Flora uses 10 kg of potatoes for making chips. She uses an additional 2 kg of potatoes for each person that will be eating chips. Write an equation to express the use of potatoes for making chips.

Practice Worksheets

You need to represent an interpret slope within the context of the problems.

  • Practice 1 - Sara was buying makeup that she needed very quickly. The one day mailing charge was $50. Her mascara were $2.20 each.
  • Practice 2 - George's weight is 80 kg. He wants to decrease his weight so he starts exercise daily. After 2 weeks he was 60 kg.
  • Practice 3 - Rex owns a strawberry farm. On Monday he had already picked 70 kg of strawberries. By the end of Friday, Rex had picked a total of 122 kg of strawberries. How many strawberries was Rex picking, on average, Tuesday - Friday?

Math Skill Quizzes

We track the growth or loss within rate for problems here.

  • Quiz 1 - Dizzy has 15 fresh flowers. After 2 hours, she had 12 fresh flowers. Describe the relationship between time and fresh flowers.
  • Quiz 2 - Frido used 6 packs of pens this week because it was a busy week. Normal he uses 2 packets every week. How many packs of pens would you expect Frido to use this month (4 weeks)?
  • Quiz 3 - Karen has 12 dolls. She makes her own dolls. She uses 45 cm of thread to make 3 dolls. 2 months later Karen doll collection grows to 23 dolls. How much thread did she use?