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Analyzing Probabilities and Decisions

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High School Statistics - HSS-MD.B.7

How Are Statistics Used to Make Decisions in the Real World? Statistics are those mathematical equations that can be used to analyze what is happening in the world today. If used correctly, statistics can tell us what happened beforehand and what can happen in the future with some mathematical predictions. There are many areas where statistics are essential. Weather Forecasting - First and foremost, statistics is used for forecasting future weather. The forecasters analyze the previous weather conditions and perform statistical analysis for the weather forecast in the future. Prediction of Diseases - Statistics also assist in predicting different diseases. In other words, through statistics, you can find out which disease caused the most damage to the people. Medicinal practitioners use that information to devise an appropriate treatment for the patient. Consumer Goods - Another most important use of statistics is for consumer goods. Huge retail brands like Walmart keep track of everything with the help of statistics. It helps them counteract with the increased number of clients they deal with daily. Stock Market - Stock Market is another area where statistics help stockbrokers, where statistical computer models analyze and forecast the situation of a country's economy. These worksheets and lessons help students determine the validity of the decisions based on probabilities. We teach them how to interpret the numbers and make a highly qualified decision based on the values.

Printable Worksheets And Lessons

  • Be the Coach Step-by-step Lesson- Did you know that most coaches run stats like this on a daily basis at the pro level.
  • Guided Lesson - Do you issue a recall or risk being sued in a class action. Great vocabulary for kids to hear.
  • Guided Lesson Explanation - I cannot believe that anyone enjoys the job of risk management, it seems daunting
  • Practice Worksheet - I had to throw some lawn JARTS in here. Who would of thought that throw a heavy piece of sharp metal long distances was dangerous?
  • One Choice Worksheet - This is a solid one to work out. I'm sure some one will sue cell phone companies for the health effects of those waves some day.
  • Theoretical Probability Five Pack - Lots and lots of refreshers here for you.

Homework Sheets

Football, quarterbacks, darts, and fixing broken things. Just a few things that data can help you decide on.

  • Homework 1 - During a pickup football game, teams have a choice of kicking a short field goal or trying to score on the end zone again. 2 points are awarded for the short field goal and getting the ball in the end zone is worth 4 points. Based on this, they would score the most points by going for a conversion by running each time.
  • Homework 2 - A keyboard company finds a major defect in their keyboard. The company must make a decision entirely based on the most cost effective method of fixing this problem.

Practice Worksheets

Use the data to make very big decisions here. The Frisbee dog strategy is just cool.

  • Practice 1 - A large company finds a major defect in their mobile phones. The company must make a decision on how to handle the problem based on the most cost effective method of fixing this problem.
  • Practice 2 - If the team gets 10 chances to hit targets, which strategy would result in statistically the most points?
  • Practice 3 - James and his dog Rufus are Dog Frisbee champions. On a Frisbee course, the position of where the dog catches the Frisbee results in points being scored. The further the Frisbee is thrown, the more points you earn.

Math Skill Quizzes

One the first one, you are a coach. On the second one, you are a corporate raider.

  • Quiz 1 - A Javelin team has choice of throwing on a short or long field. 1 point is scored for the landing close to a target on the short field. 2 points is awarded for the same thing on the long field.
  • Quiz 2 - The team needs to figure out the most cost effective way to fix this problem for customers. They can send customers new mobile phones or have the customer phones individually repaired.